Wii vs PS3 Which game Console is Better?

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Question is simple, are you a PRO gamer or just look for some fun?

Sony by far is the best manufacturer in terms of producing exciting game consoles for really hard core gamers, and yes, we do get addicted to the game easily.




are some of the best games ever, well, Rock Band is awesome too, but it requires a heavy investment for the guitar, mic etc.

On the other hand, Wii has been sold out several times. According to the officials from Nintendo, they claimed the ultimate game console with no competitor. Hands up from iHubCentral teams.

PS3 40Gb is around $600-$700 / 4million consoles sold worldwide

Wii is under $400 / 10 millions consoles sold

PS2 under $200 /  124 millions out there

There is no doubt in our minds that Sony has a very solid loyal customer base, who may have upgraded from PS2 era to PS3. With the latest Blu Ray technology, wireless sixaxis plus a possible rumble feature released with the MSG4 version, there is no doubt that PS3 is going to beat Wii for pro gamers. Not to mention the sooner to be released PlayTV by Sony. Watch out, boys!

But why Wii is so popular? The logic is simple. Affordable price with family oriented game titles, and still compatible with hard core RPG/FPS themes. What's more, with the aids of Zapper alike machine guns, it is definitely the rival of PS3 titled Time of Crisis.

So, is PS3 better off or Wii is a better investment? According to 'Stuff' March/April/May edition (UK based magazine, you can get from most newsagent for around $15),PS3 has been voted as the No 1 media enhanced console while Wii is the best family console.

But remember, you can buy two Wii for the price of one PS3. So if you are wallet shy, consider Wii; if you are a true future pro gamer, PS3 is the way to go!

After that, make sure you'll invest in protective gears and power base/stations for your beloved console, which can be rare on the market. iHubCentral has got them all. We love PS3, we love Wii, we love Xbox 360, we love PSP and we love DS Lite! Everything about gaming enhancement is here with iHubCentral.  You can have an idea by check stuff out here. 

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