Will a website help your sales & further your business?

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With Many Avenues For Online Sales

Would your own website help you reach your sales targets?

 The word wide web is a huge place to get lost in!

ebay caters to a particular market but does not have 100% reach across all possible sales targets, many do not venture onto the site for whatever reason. The same goes for most other auction sites.

This is where your own website comes into play, if well constructed and professional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) carried out a website can be a great tool to further your business. However, it is also possible to produce a massively underperforming website! DIY sites are all well and good, but not ideal as there is so much to do to ensure good "coverage" on the WWW that I do think professionally produced sites beat them hands down. For general "Joe Public" who knows little about such things, time and energy can so easily be wasted producing a DIY site that will more than likely disappear into internet oblivion.

Cost varies a great deal for a professionally designed site from a couple of hundred dollars to many thousands and the quality of work from the wide range of website designers also varies from poor to excellent. I, for one, was completely in the dark almost 3 years ago about the whole process and carried out quite extensive searches on the internet and elsewhere to try and find someone who not only knew what they were talking about and offered a good service at reasonable cost. I also needed someone who could help me through the process that I knew absolutely nothing about! Personal recommendations come in so useful here and it can save you a lot of time carrying out hours of searching!

I hit gold, so to speak, when I came across a website where you filled in the basics of what you wanted and the site e-mailed website designers who then made contact with you with their ideas and gave a "sales pitch". Two designers stood out, both made a real effort to get to know my needs and offered excellent ideas. It took me quite some time to decide between the two, who would produce my website. One quoted me $1,500, the other $900 so there was not a great deal of financial difference between them. Both offered excellent contact and even rang to speak to me. It was a very difficult decision but the clincher came from a guy based in Queensland called David Thomas, he runs a company called Ozeweb Website Solutions.

This guy is just great, the clincher was the real effort he put in to produce several templates for me to see the kind of thing he could do for me. I ended up with a unique site, so well optimised that Google picked the site up and ranked it during testing stages! Since then, Google have progressively "promoted" the site up the ranks so well that I now feature highly on searches using my keywords (so well, in fact, that my site is there at the top on some searches). Most of that is down to the way it was constructed, though getting the site mentioned wherever possible with unique links back to the site also helps.
So I would say, if you really want a WWW presence and are serious about running a business, go for it and get a website to compliment your ebay sales.
You just never now what it may lead to!

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