Window Clings - The art of making them.....

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Window Clings, are also described as Window Decals, Leadlight Look Clings, Faux* Stained Glass Pictures, Decorative Window Film, there are a few more most likely but thats all I know of. *Faux is a French word for Fake. 

Window Clings are made from Plaid Gallery Glass Peel & Stick Paints, which can be brought in various colours in bottles of 2fl oz, 8fl oz, and several types of Leading colours or as a Redilead preformed press on strips.

Window Clings are meant to be viewed on a window with a light source behind. They will stick to Windows, Glass Vases, Jars, Candle Holders, Mirrors, Shower Screens, Tiles, Inside Car Windows, Perspex, and Plastic items.

Black Leading is used to outline the picture*, then when that is dry, the picture is then filled in with various colours of Peel & Stick Paint. *A picture is placed inside of a plastic clear sleeve and then traced over with the leading. The paint will dry in 24 hours depending on the room temperature.

A window can be beautifully decorative with Window Clings to give you that real Leadlight look, without having the big cost that is involved normally.

Whether the picture is big or small, a window cling can be very pretty to decorate on a vase, mirror, window, laundry window, bathroom tile or any favourite item around your house, Most ideally suited when you are renting and you can remove them when you leave. So interchangable they are fun to use and make. I have been painting window clings for about 3 years now and I enjoy the pleasure it gives me and all my customers, family and friends.

Here is an example for you to see ...



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