Windows Xp Vs Trojans, worms, virus

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This guide is based on the windows xperience operating system and the effects viruses, trojans and worms. A strong antivirus program is recommended to avoid the operating system from ill effects of file deletion and corruption. If any programs loaded  into the system that involve shareware or peer to peer enable the virus scanner to clean the file system as the virus becomes apparent. scan all the song folders in the file system before you add them to the ipod, iriver, and any other song or media playing gadgets. As virus can corrupt the bios code in the ipod, iriver and so on. You may find the device wont play any more or it will keep telling you to format its file system. The operating system its self needs to be clean of spywere, malwere to stop the pc from becoming unstable. A computer with a virus will show the following, slow downloads unable to go past the welcome first blue screen, internet page not being displayed properly, drivers unable to load correctly being video and or sound also memory sticks and cards wont be detected when they get put in the card reader. A good virus programm is worth spending the funds to keep it to date and avoid the down time the computer is out of action. If the program is out of date you will see a warning message across the screen advising to renew the subscription and with the Avast antivirus I use and recommend using only requires a yearly subscription and it come with a stern warning telling you that a virus is about to invade the computer wether you want to delete it (recommended) move it to the chest and deleted later. Most viruses will end up wedging to the temporary folders along side the internet cache to view the temporary folders you will need to enable the hidden files and folders tab to expose the hidden files.

I hope this information was helpfull to all and enjoy all the advancement  the computing world has to offer


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