Winning auctions (a Sniping guide for new eBayers)

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Winning auctions

(a Sniping guide for new eBayers)

As a shopaholic, eBay was just too exciting for me on both the excitement of buying something new and the excitement of having the winning bid!!  I was dangerous!

My world changed as a new eBayer when a dear friend and powerseller told me the inside secrets to sniping.  It sounded violent, but ohh what fun!  I think I love sniping as much as I love winning the bid and buying new things .. .Truly it is my new addiction.
Let me explain...

You can do it manually ...

an option but not the one that raises my heart rate .. but let's start here.

You just need some basic tools for this option.
Open 2 windows in you browser and keep your eye on the time (your computer clock will serve this purpose).Sign in
  1. Type in a bid on your item (do not press confirm)
  2. Open second browser window (keep your eye on the bid page .. it will refresh and you can see what action is occuring)
  3. Test to see what the 'lag; time is when you manually refresh your window. 
Now you are ready.  With the understanding of how many seconds lag there is between what you see on the screen and what the refresh time is you can decide how close you are willing to go to the end of the auction to place your bid (I usually do 3 - 5 seconds).  When the auction is about to finalise, place your bid (the one on the other screen).

To get good at this, do practice with refreshing and timing what the lag is.

Hot Tip:  Buyers tend to have purchasing patterns

Do a little research on your competition.  Check out their previous bidding history. You may be able to find their bidding strategy and then understand what you will need to do to win the auction based on this information.  Go to Advanced Search (you will find the link near the search area for advanced search) and see what your competition have been bidding on in the last 30 days.
Look for a bidding pattern. I noticed once that one bidder would bid $7 exactly on the auctions they bid on. I then bid $7.07 in the final seconds and managed towin the auction by anticipating their bidding behaviour.

OK.. so you dont like the idea of being tied to your computer when the auction is finishing???  Me neither, I found I would get caught up in the excitement of the moment and bid more than I wanted to just to win.

Onbidder and Auctionsniper

Get an auto-sniper program.  This means you do not need to be in front of the computer to win the bid.  Sometimes it is physically impossible to be available to manually snipe all of the goodies you have an eye on.  An auto-snipe program will serve you in several ways.

  1. It will ensure you dont get carried away and spend more than you want to on the auction (I tend to get caught up in the passion and competition of the moment)
  2. It will ensure you get your bid in very very close to the end of the auction
  3. You will have piece of mind not matter what time of the day or night the auction concludes .. you can sleep well, socialise away from your computer and know that you have a very high probability of being the winner of the auction at a reasonable price.

There are several online sniping tools

I like hammersnipe although you can use and to name but a few. Onbidder and Auctionsniper as they are easy to use and extremely cheap, try the free trial and see what I mean.

The way I use the snipe program is

  • decide what you want to pay for the item
  • decide how close you want to place your last bid
  • walk away .. and let the snipe program do what it does best
Hot Tip:  bid in odd numbers.  If a bidder is bidding in round numbers like $8, $9, $10 make your bid amounts $5.21, $9.55 etc this may sound silly but you will laugh with joy when you win the bid by 3 cents.

Are you tired of losing eBay auctions?

- Youve come to the right place. Auction Sniper is an eBay sniper that automates the process of placing your eBay bid in the closing seconds of any eBay bidding auction, dramatically increasing your chance of winning. We keep it simple: you tell us what you want to win, and we snipe eBay for you. Best of all, Auction Sniper is free to try. After winning your first auction with our help, you’ll never eBay bid the same way again. Youve seen it happen: Your eBay bid is still the highest as the auction is about to close. You wait excitedly by your computer expecting to be notified that you've won, but...somehow you've lost. In the last seconds of the auction a new bid has appeared, too late for you to respond. You've been sniped.

 It's just part of our suite of tools designed to help you win auctions. Try it now, for free.

Final Notes...

Remember, sniping still has some risk. 
I have found it liberating.  I am not worried about overspending in the frenzy of the final moments of the auction.  I can happily leave my computer when I know an auction is about to be finalised.  I still get the buzz when I see I have won yet another auction - I feel smug and victorious .. heheh sad really isnt it.  Most of all it is FUN!

Enjoy your sniping!

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Thanks for reading.  Happy sniping!!!

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