Winter vs. Summer Sheet Sets

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Winter vs. Summer Sheet Sets

Choosing the right bed sheet set depends very much on the season and opting for the correct material will have a huge influence on how comfortable a night’s sleep is. The variety when it comes to bed sheets is perhaps the widest of any type of bedding. It doesn’t just stop at the material though, and the size, colour, and fitting are other important considerations to make.

eBay has one of the widest selections of both winter and summer bed sheets anywhere online. The following guide will assist buyers in finding the right sheet for the right season, as well as how to buy a sheet set both safely and securely using the auction site.

Winter vs. Summer Sheets: The Differences

Buying a set of bed sheets largely depends on the season that they will be used in and the climate in which the buyer is planning to live. The two main questions that buyers should ask themselves when trying to choose a sheet for either summer or winter are as follows:

-   Which type of fabric suits the season best?

-   Is the thread count sufficient for the season in question?

The next section explains what to look out for when it comes to fabric and thread count.

Thread Count

To determine the quality of a cotton sheet, most manufacturers give a thread count. This stands for threads per square inch, and is in relation to both horizontal and vertical fibres.

Numbers can range anywhere from 200 to over 1,000, with the majority accepting that anything between 200 and 800 is enough for a good quality bed sheet.

A higher thread count will mean a sheet retains its properties for longer and won’t need replacing.

Sheet Fabrics

The biggest determining factor when buying sheets linked to a time of the year is fabric. In the table below each fabric is outlined with a description alongside and a typical thread count also included.



Typical Thread Count


· Very popular material with which to make sheets.

· Stronger and more durable than many other type of sheet.

· Offset by the fact they are less breathable and aren’t as comfortable as other materials.

· Can be used at any time of year and good if buyers want a sheet for all seasons.

· Easy to wash and dry.

· Materials include Polyester, Modal, and Lyocell.

Not applicable.


· Lower end cotton sheets are typically made from muslin.

· Feels rough against the skin.

· Suitable for the summer, as it’s thin and won’t keep the user too warm.



· The next step up from muslin.

· A softer and all-round smoother fabric as well.

· Threads are closer together.

· Ideal for year-round wear and can be used in both summer and winter


Egyptian or Silk

· Highest quality cotton sheet that is made from silk.

· Feels soft on the skin.

· A lot of care must be taken when washing it, as the fabric is delicate.

· Fabric adjusts to body temperature and can be used in both summer and winter.

Over 200


· Sheets made from flannel are extremely good for those living in colder climates or the winter.

· Heaviest of all sheets that can be bought.

· Soft and fleecy fabric that is not recommended for the summer months.

Not measured using a thread count.

Combed or Jersey

· Soft and breathable type of cotton.

· Isn’t shiny and is able to adsorb moisture easily.

· Over time, the sheets will gain more comfort and become softer.

· Can be machine-washed easily.

· Versatile sheet that is cool in the summer months and warm in the winter.

Measurement not usually given.

Considerations Before Buying a Winter or Summer Sheet

Sheets are present every night of the year and choosing an appropriate one isn’t simply down to the material and the thread count. The following list gives buyers more things to take into consideration when it comes to sheet sets:

  • Sheet Size: One of the main things to check is the size of a sheet before buying. Sizes are given according to the mattress it’s designed to fit (twin, full, queen, or king). It’s also worth noting down the depth of the mattress to make sure it’s the correct size.
  • Fitted or Loose: This also alludes to the size of the sheet and how well it will fit a mattress. Fitted sheets come with elastic around the edges and are easier to put onto mattresses. Flat sheets don’t contain elastic and are sized a little bit larger, so the excess fabric can be put under the mattress, and hold the sheet down.
  • Skin Type: Certain people will be allergic to the material in various types of sheets and this should be checked before buying. There are so many different types of material used that most can find a sheet to fit the season and allergy present.
  • Durability. One can ask the seller how long the sheet is likely to last before buying it, so to make sure the price fits the sheet in question. Researching online is also another way to check how durable a material is.

Buying Sheets on eBay

Online shopping has made buying any item of bedding simple, and sheets aren’t an exception to this. eBay has one of the largest collections of all online retailers and the site’s group of knowledgeable sellers are always online to help buyers navigate the buying process. The following section helps to make finding the ideal item even easier.

  • Category Search: The first and easiest way to find all of the bed sheets that are grouped as one is to search using the ‘Category’ search. Start by visiting the site home page and clicking the ‘Shop by category’ option at the top. From those options go to ‘Home & Garden’ and click on it. On the page that follows, scroll down the left hand side and hover over ‘Bedding’. From the list of options that appears, click on Sheets, and all of the sheets for sale on eBay will now be available. The following headings outline some of the parameters available to thin out the results:
  • Sheet Size: Perhaps the first thing buyers should do is limit the options by mattress size. eBay gives buyers the chance to look at items according to the following sizes: Single, Three-Quarter, Double, Queen, and King.
  • Material: When clear on the size, the material will be the next thing to decide upon, especially when it comes to choosing a sheet suitable for a certain time of year. eBay gives users the following options: 100% Cotton, Cotton Blend, Egyptian Cotton, Flannel, Satin, Silk, and Synthetic.
  • Condition: Another way that eBay allows buyers to search is the condition of the sheets. It’s not advisable to buy Used sheets as they may be in a poor condition, and as such irritate the skin further. The safest sheets to buy are those listed as Brand New or New: Never Used.
  • Keyword Search: Searching for items using a keyword is a quick way to get to a specific item and should be used by buyers that have an idea of exactly what it is they want to buy. Type search terms into the bar present at the head of any eBay page and use the drop down list to the right of the bar to adjust what is found.
  • Staying Safe: eBay requires every single seller to have an extensive transaction history to make sure buyers feel reassured when using certain sellers.
  • eBay Deals. Buyers can benefit from a number of exclusive deals on bedroom items, with sheets under the ‘Bedding’ option. Anything listed in the deals section of the site is also free of any shipping charges.


Purchasing the right sheet set for the correct season takes a lot of thought, and with such a choice it’s important to know what’s needed before trying to find the right one. eBay’s large number of sellers will be able to help buyers along the way and the above guide provides a valuable resource for anyone that’s unsure about the right sheet.

Once ready to buy, remember to use PayPal, so to make sure the transaction goes through as safely and securely as possible.

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