Wireless Security Cameras - Finding the right system!!

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With technology advancing extremely fast in the area of electronics and imaging devices finding the right wireless security system for your needs can be hard. Thinking ahead to determine the use and surveillance result you require can simplify the task. Also buying from a reputable and experienced seller can also ensure making the right choice.

Some key questions when choosing a system are:

What sort of lighting does the viewing area have?
Is power nearby?
How far will the furthest camera be from the receiver?
Can the camera be affected by weather?
Does the camera have sound?

Basically most systems work with the camera transmitting images and sound via a frequency (2.4Ghz or 1.2Ghz) through the air to the receiver which then sends it for display on your TV or Computer monitor. The transmissions vary in range from around 30 meters to 600 meters with all cameras requiring some kind of power to run(either 9v battery or mains adapter). For night vision or low lit rooms an infrared camera is most suitable as these use LEDS to make images viewable right down to 0 Lux or no light at all. Today most cameras are color however only a few come with sound capabilities as well, as this feature will not cost any extra it is worth while choosing a camera with it.

LED Camera and Receiver Pictured below.



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