Wise OZ - Authentic VS Fake Juicy Couture - Bracelet

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Wise OZ - Authentic VS Fake Juicy Couture - Bracelet

As an  Australia EBAY Powerseller, more and more customers come to ask me about spotting fake Juicy Couture jewelery.

It is not a tough task though, just spare a few minutes to read this article will probably save you hundreds even thousands on being cheated by fake jewelery sellers.

Tips 1 - Toggle Closure

To spot fake Juicy Couture, one of the easiest way is to look at the toggle closure.

The most common toggle closure of Juicy Couture bracelet is the one with crown at both ends.

The authentic one have black paint on them and this is a high cost section as they are hand-painted.

Here are three examples, the pictures are captured from official Juicy Couture website.

How about the fake one? As cost has to keep as low as possible (remember low cost = high profit margin), their toggle closure are not painted.

Here are some examples:

Tips 2 - Design

Hey ladies, we are now living in a modem world with tones of information available,

especially when there is a Juicy Couture official website!

Go look at the website to compare the design, as the fake one has to make their own mother mould (we called these jewelery moulds),

there is NO WAY they look exactly the same as the authentic one (jewelery makers keep their mould in a safe place like KFC recipes), especially for those

high-ended brands). As a result, some fake jewelery makers even have to make up their own designs (so if you buy a fake one, people know Juicy Couture well can

spot it at the first sight). However, Juicy Couture website only listed the latest releases, so how about the old designs?

Then you will have to look at other websites (here I mean reputable online shopping websites), like NO**STORM, AMA**ON.

Tips 3 - Packaging

The most common box is the brown/black box with pink towel-liked linen or blue towel-liked linen.

There are also silver and pink stripe one, gold and silver one, and special one for different kinds of bracelet.

How about the fake one? As cost has to keep as low as possible (remember low cost = high profit margin), they use cheap paper boxes.

Tips 4 - Price

Price is a very important way to determine Juicy Couture, unless it is second-hand or unwanted gift,

there is very few chance we can get cheap Juicy Couture. What do you think about those at AUD$0.99 AUCTIONS and sell it at AUD$5-$20?

Can they be authentic? Not even covering the cost of an authentic one!

The price range will be around AUD$40-150, and if you are lucky enough, you may get some at AUD$30-$40 for those unwanted gift, AS IS or second-hand one.

Last but not least, in order to shop with a peace of mind, buy Juicy Couture at reputable sellers is very important. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions. Thank you for reading.

To buy authentic Juicy Couture jewelery, please visit my shop at:


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