Witty Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween Parties are good fun when you have a witty costume to wear. Spending a ton of money is not necessary to win the prize for the most creative. A quick perusal around your home could result in a last-minute costume that will have everyone talking. Use items from your wardrobe, kitchen and home office to pull a one-of-a-kind look. So what do you want to be in Halloween Parties?

1. Shot in the Dark
Drape yourself in black fabric. Take an old black sheet or length of fabric and cut a hole in the center. The hole should be big enough for your head to slide through. Wear a black belt. Use a hot glue gun to attach some black yarn or cord to a shot glass. Tell anyone who asks that you are a "shot in the dark." Alternatively, you could dress in all black if you do not have black fabric.
2. Game Show Contestant
Wear a dressy outfit and a nametag. Handwrite your name in large print on the tag. Talk in question form all night. Or ask your friends for a certain category or tell them you want to buy a vowel. You could carry a goofy prize around all night and tell everyone you won.
3. Static Cling
Wear your normal clothes. Use some safety pins and attach dryer sheets, mismatched socks and washcloths to your clothes, front and back. Tease and spray your hair so that it sticks out all over. If anyone asks, tell them you are static cling.
4. Hunchback
Use large safety pins to attach a pillow to the upper back of a T-shirt. Put the shirt on. The pillow should be in the back. Put another shirt over it. Tell everyone your name is Quasimodo.
5. Mime
Wear all black clothing, including your socks and shoes. Paint your face white with foundation and powder. Talk only with your hands and perform spontaneous mimes throughout the night.
6. Gum on Shoe
Wear pink pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt. Tie a large tennis shoe to your head by adding new long strings to the shoe. Tie the laces under your neck. Tell everyone you are gum on the bottom of a shoe.
7. Cereal Killer
Tape empty cereal boxes to your clothing with duct tape. Wear an old outfit so your do not mind if the tape leaves residue. Gluing on the little cereal boxes works best. Find a plastic fast-food restaurant knife. Use a red marker to paint "blood" on the handle. Tell everyone you are a cereal killer.
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