Women Anti- aging Methods without Cosmetics Surgery

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There are ways of staying younger than our chronological age by watching what we eat and how we excercise,sleep and cope with life's challenges.

1.Water plays a major part in the digestion of food and absorbing nutrients. We need to replenished constantly so that our body can do its work and stay young and healthy.Recommended intake is about 8 large glasses a day. More during hot weather or excercising. Drinking this amount will flush out the toxin in our system and at the same time keep our weight down. Thus achieving  better looking skin with vitality and youth.

2. The food we eat is important . Research has proven that a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and fibres is beneficial to the body and is known to promote longevity while reducing calories.

3. Excercise boost our metabolism and  bring our body to a younger and fitter level.This in turn will lift our spirit and energy and sharpen our mind to face the challenges ahead.

3. By having fresh fruit juices daily, the best source of antioxidant enzymes that will help to protect your cells from damaging free radicals. Best result is to drink the juice immediately after preparation.

Fruit juice is the powerhouse to kickstart your digestive system. You can create your own blend from the combination of various fruits eg.tropical  fruits like papaya, mango, banana,watermelon and grapes.

Recipe shared: Great Women Energy Booster

1 peach or nectarine

1 cup strawberry

2 tbs  fresh lime or lemon juice Blend well.

Good  for all women anti aging morning starter and glowing skin remedy.

A great way  to have a younger clearer complexion.

4. With the right Make-up techniques, we can look very stunning and sexy without any surgery.The right amount of corrective makeup to cover our blemished skin . Applying different tones of concealer foundations correctly and the right type of eye makeup quickly  transform us to beautiful women overnight.

Finally attitude and our outlook  towards life and how we strive to cope with it  is just as important and ultimately affects our state of mind and in turn  our skin and body.

Hope this will help you in your quest to stay younger and happy!


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