Work from HOME selling on eBay and MAKE money!

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Do you currently sell on eBay? If YES then this is for you...

I am constantly being asked how I make money selling on eBay! The answer or one of them is that I am a proud EzyDrop license holder. You can be too!

So you've probably sold everything in your home that isn't nailed down, now what? You've even tried buying stock from overseas or from wholesalers in the hope of turning a profit only to find it doesn't sell and you are out of pocket and very frustrated.

The bottom line: EZYDROP GETS YOU STOCK simple as that. You tap into your network of family, friends, colleagues, other parents, acquaintances and eventually people who will find you! You sell their stuff on eBay, making a healthy profit for you and them. 

Joining a recognizable group and turning your little operation into a business will allow members of the public and even local businesses with excess stock to find you and use your services to generate cash for their unwanted stuff. You can start your own eBay drop shop at hours to suit you, part- or full-time, with no need for expensive premises. Perfect for stay at home mums who want to use their brains a bit while the kids are away at school all day.

This is a reall opportunity and would suit professional eBay sellers, Trading Assistants, PowerSellers and those wishing to grow their experience and become successful eBay sellers. You will have a well marketed and prefessional branded storefront, and a protected territory in your geographical area to build your existing sales from and become more profitable.

So, how does it work then? You handle the entire sale from start to finish. You collect the items or your client drops them off, you can choose, you then photograph them, edit them if you like, list the items using the free template supplied when you join, you then answer any questions your potential buyers may have. You then invoice your customers, wait for payment, pack up the items and take them to the post office (I only ship once a week which is fine). You give your customer 70% of the final value fee and keep 30% for yourself.

Its as simple as that!

So if you want more information go to Sell on Ebay Link in My Store and click on one of the listings for more information.
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