Work out how much you should be paying for an item

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This guide is intended for buyers who are looking at buying an item from a seller with hundreds, or even better, thousands of positive feedback.

This guide will only work if the seller has sold a couple or more of the same item and the buyer is patient enough to go through with this guide to find the best possible price to bid for.

Now how to work out how much you should really be paying for an item?


1. Sellers with large volumes of the same item usually don't have the time to create unique listings for each of the same item, so COPY the Title of the item you are looking for and save it somewhere.

2. Have a look at the sellers feedback details page.  If he has sold any of the item you are looking at buying, the titles of those items will show up in this page(s).

Note: Of course to be doubly sure it is the same item you'll have to click 'View Item' and have a look at the listing to compare.

    a) While in your web browser, press 'Ctrl + F' to bring up the Search function.
    b) Now PASTE the Title you copied before into the search field and press Enter.
    c) You will notice the price that the same item went for, now keep a log for each price you find.
    d) Rinse and repeat and don't forget the other pages of feedback!

3. Using the information gathered from point 2 you can now find out the minimum, average and maximum price you should pay for the item.

Hope this guide helps!
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