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This may be tricky, if you know the value of the item you are bidding and are prepared to part for the payment. you could open multiple bid confirmation pages and you can click "Confirm" at the last minute or to the last second, i would suggest, you bid from the start, be reasonable, but this tip can help any one who may be a opportunitist.
I have monitored most of the bids in ireland are taking place at the last 30 seconds or 20seconds, there is still a gate for that last 10seconds too, but by the time you fill in your amount, the internet speed and your hand speed may not help you with this skill.  Whereas in UK , i see a lot of them try this last second bid, i came across around 10-30 items bidded at the last 2 seconds and 4 seconds. where as in US, i absorbed they bid from the begin and long waiting till the last hour or last minute bid.
I appreciate if you Click WATCH this item and watch the bid regularly. Monitor the same item at what price it sells at other ebay places, do a strategy and don't waste huge bidding at the last minute. You will definately see the same item within EBAY asap(exceptional cases)

My view is if you open atleast 4 or 5 confirm pages with higher bids, and to the max price you want to bid can use this tip. GOOD LUCK.

Note: This is guide is a view, not a replicant of how to win bid.


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