Writing a Song

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The first thing to remember when writing a song is to go into it with an open mind and not have your sights set  on translating a particular thought or image into words. Go into it with feeling about what you want to write about. In most ways its like writing a poem or short story, although in some cases there doesn't have to be a start middle and end, it can just be an array of emotion or even not. Not every song you write has to have meaning or a message, this is evident in a lot of pop songs today. Having said that, writing a song doesn't mean you rate its quality or expression through success. You could write the greatest song ever and it could never be heard.

Don't think writing a song means sitting down with a piece of paper and energising all your thoughts down. In some cases lyrics or harmonies are imagined while an artist/person is doing there day to day things. From this a lyric or harmony can eventuate into a full fledged piece of work.

I guess the point is this, When writing a song there is no particular technique or way of doing it. It's an expression of the mind and imagination. Ideally there would be verses and a chorus according to commercial values, but there isn't a rule that if there isn't your work isn't considered any less of a song. It doesn't has to come from the heart and it doesn't have to mean something, it does however need harmony and consistency.

In conclusion, writing a song is seen as a personal achievement and not as something that has to be appreciated or understood by everyone. It's purely on the same basis as writing a paragraph of work however needing harmony and voice.
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