Writing an effective selling page.

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One of the most underestimated parts of selling an item to many new sellers, is the importance of a selling page (description) of your item that accurately reflects your item. It is not nearly enough to merely copy down what your product is and tell the buyer that its of excellent quality; a seller must articulate the smallest details in the correct style in order to draw in more and more buyers. Here are some tips on some of the basics that I have discovered over my time on eBay.

1. Flashy or Simple? When browsing eBay, you must have noticed the differences in some selling pages. Some are flashy and vibrant, including corporate logos and flash animations, while some are simply the "Times New Roman 200 words" pages. The most important thing to note is that flashy pages are not suited to all items. They are suited to purchases such as computers, but if you're attempting to sell a Faberge Egg, or Stradivarius Violin, it might be better to consider a plain and simple page.

2. More or Less Information? You have to decide how much information to put in. Although it is always wise to put in more information, putting in less information for some items that you know will be quite popular will force buyers to contact you, and hence you can often establish a relationship with the buyer during the auction which can give you an edge over other sellers on the eBay market.

3. Titles and Subtitles? If you sell an item, you must include a title and possibly a subtitle. If you have a lot of information to put in to these sections get a subtitle and pay the $0.35; But if you are getting a subtitle, remember that all the information in the subtitle category cannot be searched. This means that you will have to put as many keywords as possible in the title, and put additional information that people will not search in the subtitle.


I hope these few tips have been quite helpful and will assist you in your eBay sales and improve you sales figures!

I'd be happy to answer questions, so if you wish, you can use the contact button to get onto me through eBay.




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