XBOX 360 Rapid Fire Controllers

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What are rapid fire controllers and can I use them on XBOX Live?

If you've been looking around on eBay for an XBOX controller for a while then you've probably stumbled across some really expensive controllers with "Rapid Fire"  in the title.

So let me explain what rapid fire controllers are all about.

You can take any standard gun and instantly turn it into a machine gun! Ok this gives you a massive advantage over the other poor guys that don't have a rapid fire controller, but too bad ;)

If you're handy with a soldering there are plenty of circuit diagrams on the net that you can follow to get a rapid fire controller. The problem with this is you're gonna lose your warranty support with MS.

If you're looking to have a bit of rapid fire action, I'd definitely stay away from XBOX Live, at least for now. There's talk of MS being able to ban you from there, just for using a rapid fire controller.

Tips for rapidfire:

Turn vibration off. Rapid fire is great, but the recoil in COD sometimes makes it less accurate.

Stay away from XBOX Live with your Rapid Fire Controller.

Check out reviews of the particular rapid fire controller you're thinking of buying. Some rapid fire controllers cannot be upgraded in case MS releases a patch to get them fixed.

If you're not too sure about modding your only controller, stick to buying a new one. It's just not worth wrecking your only expensive controller to cheat in games.
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