XBOX 360 Street Fighter Arcade Stick's Explained

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XBOX 360 Arcade Stick Guide

Don't buy an XBOX 360 Arcade Stick until you read this!

As soon as street fighter 4 was released, arcade sticks came into fashion again. Not only that, but the price went up like a rocket. You don't need to pay top dollar when buying an arcade stick, you can still get one for a great price that will work just as well as the Hori ones, as long as you treat them gently.

So what brands and models of arcade sticks are out there on the market?

Ok, you've got the major players like Hori, but those arcade sticks can go past $200 easily at auction. They look great and are for the real pro's. The guys and girls that spend their whole weekends playing streetfighter. They gear has gotta last, and they're not afraid to pay for it.

On the other end of the scale though, you've got the casual gamers. We don't play all the time, but just every now and then for a bit of fun with mates on a friday night etc.

Well, luckily  there's arcade sticks that are a little bit cheaper for us too. You can check out some wired and wireless arcade sticks in the Clints Gadgets store at Clints Gadgets Store . Go there now to claim heaps of free bonuses!

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