XBOX 360 Third Party And Aftermarket Accessories

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The TRUTH about using Third party accessories on XBOX Live.

Read on to discover the secret that game retailers don't want you to know!

I've been talking to a lot of my gamer mates recently and have been hearing a lot about third party accessories causing people to have their consoles banned from XBOX Live. It's made everyone shake in their boots and go out and buy genuine console accessories just in case it's true.

This is a great deal for the shops, and I'm pretty sure that they are the ones that started the rumour in the first place!

If you look at it from Microsoft's point of view, there's no real reason to ban your console just because you're using a non genuine accessory. You've probably heard the news about third party hard drives not working anymore... If you look a bit closer at what Microsoft have done, they haven't banned ANY consoles that are using third party accessories at all. All they've done is just lock down the third party memory units!

Oh and of course they laid down the BAN HAMMER to all those people with modded consoles. Sorry guys, but you've gotta keep that stuff offline!

Anyway back to the point, right?

If you're sick of getting ripped off by going to Hi Fi and Boutique stores there's good news. Buy your accessories from Clints Gadgets and get more warranty and value than any other seller can provide. When you buy your XBOX 360 accessories through Clints Gadgets we'll throw in an extra years warranty bringing the total to two years, PLUS you'll get a subscription to our monthly newsletter "The Scoop" covering the latest news in gaming as well as Cheats for some of the very latest games.

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