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1. What is Xbox Live?

Now in its third generation, Xbox Live is the world’s only unified global online console games service. This unique service unites gamers together in a dynamic community where they can experience the best online games, exclusive programming, and continuous downloadable content. Xbox Live launched in the United States in November 2002 and is available in 24 countries.

2. Do I need to pay to have Xbox Live?

Not necessarily. On the Xbox 360, you'll have two choices of service level: Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Live Silver will offer limited Xbox Live functionality at no cost, while the Gold package will be a fully functional pay service.

3. What is the Xbox Live Marketplace?

The Xbox Live Marketplace is a one-stop shop to download new game trailers, demos, and episodic content, plus new game levels, maps, weapons, vehicles, skins, and more. Accessible to everyone who establishes a broadband connection with their Xbox 360, Xbox Live Marketplace lets you personalize and extend your experience, on demand.

4. Do I need an Xbox Live paid subscription to access the Xbox Live Marketplace?

No. The new Xbox Live Silver level allows you access the Xbox Live Marketplace without a paid subscription.

5. What is Xbox Live Silver?

The Xbox Live Silver service means you can connect your Xbox 360 console to a broadband Internet connection and get functionality right out of the box without having to pay any amount of money.

With Xbox Live Silver you can:
Create an online Gamer Profile
Access the Xbox Live Marketplace
Engage in voice and text messaging
Talk to a single friend at a time using voice chat
Receive video messages from Gold level members
Access massively multiplayer online games (additional fees may apply)

6. What is Xbox Live Gold?

The Xbox Live Gold is similar to the current paid Xbox Live service. The Xbox Live Gold service delivers the complete online connection package. With Xbox Live Gold you have all the features of Silver level, and additionally:

Play multiplayer games online
Video chat
Multiplayer online tournaments
Participate in Xbox Live online programming, such as Game with Fame, Play and Win, and Prime Time activities.


7. I heard that the Xbox Live Silver service will allow me to play multiplayer games online on weekends. Is that true?

Yes and No. It is not true that Xbox Live Silver users will be able to play multiplayer games like Xbox Live Gold members every weekend. However, Microsoft plans to allow Silver users to play multiplayer games online on special weekends similar to when HBO has free programming weekends.

8. What is the Gamer Profile?

It is a summary of a gamer’s preferences, achievements, and online personality. Every Xbox Live member, whether he, or she is a Silver or a Gold member will have a Gamer Profile.

9. What is the Gamer Card?

The Game Card is like a gamer identification card on Xbox Live. The gamer card gives you a quick summary of other Xbox Live members including: their Gamertag, Gamerzone, Achievements, Reputation, and Gamerscore. Gamer cards let you instantly connect with people with similar skills, interests, and lifestyles, as well as maintain bragging rights over your achievements and scores.

10. What is the Gamerscore?

The Gamerscore is a cumulative score of all achievements that allows you to quickly compare profiles between other gamers.

11. What is the Reputation?

A rating provided by the community that indicates how an Xbox Live member is perceived by other players. You can think of it as the Xbox Live equivalent of a reliability rating.

12. What is the Gamerzone?

The Gamerzone indicates an Xbox Live member style of social gaming. The choices are R&R, for those who just want to hang out and play without undue competitive stress; Pro, for those who are fiercely competitive and must win at all costs; Underground, for those who take an alternative approach to gaming; and Family, for those who want to make sure the environment they play in is kid-friendly.

13. What are the Achievements?

Now, on every Xbox 360 game, whether it is single-player only or multiplayer enable, you can earn achievements and accolades to indicate progress, skill, and accomplishment. You can share your achievements online and compare what you've accomplished with your friends, or use them as indicators of skill to new friends.

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