Xbox 360 Speed Wheel.

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Xbox 360 Speed Wheel

The Xbox 360 Speed Wheel makes gaming so much more realistic and fun too. Especially on games such as Nascar 08/09, Forsa 1,2,3,4 & Horizon, Need for Speed. Even Grand Theft Auto. I just love the realistic feel of the Xbox 360 Speed Wheel. It's very responsive. A must for any serious gamer. I payed $59.95, but you should be able to pick one up for $30. Ebay is the best place to make your Xbox 360 Speed Wheel purchase. 
Xbox 360 Speed Wheel score out of ten. I give it a 9. Reason being, It does not have all the button an Xbox 360 controller has. In saying that, you don't need all the buttons. If you do, I just turn the Xbox 360 Speed Wheel off then turn my Xbox controller on, use the button i need, then switch it off and turn my Xbox 360 Speed Wheel back on and continue.
The Xbox 360 Speed Wheel can also be used as a controller if you are short of contrtoller. I am use to using it so much, I actually prefer to use my Xbox 360 Speed Wheel all the time.
So if you're serious about yor racing. Get an Xbox 360 Speed wheel as soon as possible.

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