Xbox One or PS4: Which Should You Buy?

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Xbox One or PS4: Which Should You Buy?

Video games have come a long way since Mario first dragged his chunky dungaree-garbed body across gamers' TV screens. Indeed, each home console generation sees new improvements, and the latest systems are no exception. Gamers across the globe rejoiced when Microsoft and Sony announced their intentions to release updated platforms, and both the Xbox One and the PS4 do not disappoint. The big question for gamers is not whether the systems perform, but instead which one to buy?



The people's choice

Since the PS4 arrived, it has proven to be the top choice amongst gamers, outselling the Xbox One around the world and selling over a million units in the U.K. alone. Early controversies regarding the ability to play the Xbox One offline hurt sales, but Microsoft fought back, removing this requirement and injecting new life into the system. Though Sony sold more units initially, consumers flocked back to the Xbox One, and both systems now sell steadily. With that in mind, a direct head-to-head on the big issues is the best way to make a decision about which system best suits you.



The first consideration any prospective buyer usually has before making a console purchase is how much the system costs. The Xbox One and the PS4 are similarly priced, so the initial outlay is almost an irrelevant issue when it comes to choosing between the two. Consumers should instead focus on the design and functionality of the two systems as well as the catalogue of games available; many of the most well known titles are exclusive to each system.



Plenty of people demand style as well as performance. The Xbox One and the PS4 are a pleasing black, which typically fits in easily with most TVs and DVD players. The Xbox One is much larger than the PS4, however, taking up a large chunk of TV cabinet real estate. The PS4 is sleeker, slimmer, and weighs slightly less, but neither looks out of place next to the TV.



The PS4 controller is smaller and lighter than the Xbox One controller is, and it has the added advantage of sporting a rechargeable battery pack. Conversely, the Xbox One controller requires separate AA batteries, although a play and charge kit is sold separately. The Xbox pad is larger and slightly heavier than the PS4, but fans of Sony and Microsoft report that both pads are a marked improvement from what their predecessors offered and that both pads better conform to the hands. Ultimately, the choice of pad is a matter of personal preference, but both are feature packed and offer an unrivalled level of control.



Modern platforms are fully-fledged entertainment systems in their own right and are not just for gaming. Consumers who wish to do more than simply play games want applications, and the Xbox One is King when it comes to functionality. With access to a huge range of applications including YouTube, Wuaki TV, and Eurosport, the Xbox One has a larger selection than its Sony counterpart does. That said, the PS4 is still supported by most of the largest developers available to the Xbox One, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and IGN.



Ultimately, the system that is most appealing when it comes to gaming depends on the taste of the gamer in question, as both systems are unquestionably powerful when it comes to graphical performance. The Xbox One leads with the landmark Halo Series, with several Halo titles available, including Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5. The newest Tomb Raider title is also an Xbox exclusive, ensuring plenty of Sony orientated Lara Croft fans were left disappointed. Exclusive titles available on the PS4 include Little Big Planet 3, Unchartered 4, and Bloodborne, a brand-new title from the makers of Dark Souls.


How to buy gaming systems on eBay

Whether you decide to buy an Xbox One, a PS4, or another current generation console such as the Nintendo Wii U, you can find a huge selection of gaming systems and software on eBay. Simply find the search box located on any page, and type in the item or items you require, such as "PS4" or "video games". Be sure to consider which system suits you best before making a decision, taking into consideration your style, functionality, and gaming requirements carefully. With this information, you can quickly and easily find exactly what you need with a minimum of fuss.

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