Xenon Headlight Buying Guide

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Xenon Headlight Buying Guide

Many car enthusiasts seek to enhance their vehicles in many different ways. One of the most popular upgrades is to replace the standard headlights with Xenon headlights. Xenon headlights are known for their distinctive blue light, as well as their ability to create a brighter light than traditional headlights. While some cars come with Xenon headlights from the factory, this is rare. Most people who want them are forced to look for them in automotive stores or online via websites like eBay.

When buying xenon headlights, it is helpful to know a bit about how they work, as well as what to look for when buying an upgrade kit. It is also helpful to be aware of how these headlights are installed and what problems might occur when installing them. With an education on xenon headlights, buying them is far less daunting and may even be exciting.

How Xenon Headlights Work

Unlike traditional headlights, which simply use a filament that is heated with electricity to the point where it begins to glow, xenon headlights use a different technique. This technique consists of simply jumping high voltage electricity between two electrodes. This arc of electricity reacts with xenon, a gas, to produce a powerful blue light. Even though this system uses an arc of electricity, the overall electricity usage is less than that of a regular bulb.

Benefits of a Xenon Light

Xenon lights are known for creating very intense light. This light is more uniform than incandescent light, which varies in intensity. For example, light from an incandescent bulb fades the farther away it gets from the centre of the display. Xenon lights do not have this problem. Xenon lights also last far longer than regular incandescent bulbs. This means that a costly or frustrating bulb replacement happens far less frequently. Another benefit of xenon lights is that they produce ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light makes road signs appear brighter, making them much easier to read at night.

Xenon Headlight Bulbs

While xenon bulbs are known for their distinctive blue colour, there are different shades of blue available. Some of these variations make certain bulbs better as fog lights or look more exotic.

Bulb Kelvin Rating


3,000 K

Slight yellow tint

4,300 K

Blue; most common colour

6,000 K

Blue with a white tint

8,000 K

Moderately darker blue

10,000 K

Darker blue

12,000 K

Deep blue

30,000 K


When handling or changing a xenon bulb, it is important to avoid touching the glass part of the bulb. Oil from human skin may cause the bulb to explode when it heats up. If the glass is touched accidentally, the oil may be removed with alcohol. Most bulbs come with a plastic covering that may be removed when it is time to install them.

Faux Xenon Lights

There are a great many faux xenon lights for sale. Many of these are simply regular light bulbs that have been coloured blue. This type of bulb is actually quite dangerous because the blue light comes when the overall light output has been diminished greatly. This makes driving at night potentially deadly. Some fake xenon lights actually claim to have xenon in them, and while this may be true, they are simply a filament bulb with xenon inside. Without the arc of electricity, these are not true xenon headlight bulbs. For the most part, Xenon bulbs cost more than regular bulbs. If a bulb seems to have an extraordinarily low price, there is a good chance that it is fake.

Xenon Headlight Kits

As a general rule of thumb, only professionals should attempt to install xenon headlight bulbs. Unlike regular bulbs, which may be replaced fairly easily, xenon bulbs require a far greater voltage. This increased voltage has the potential to destroy a car's electrical system if there is a mistake or other problem. For this reason, it is necessary to buy a xenon headlight kit when a car is first upgraded with xenon bulbs. Once a xenon bulb system is in place, a kit is not necessary to replace a bulb that has been damaged or has gone out.

Kit Contents

Xenon headlight kits consist of new bulbs and ballasts. Ballasts are necessary for xenon bulbs to work properly. It should be noted that cars vary widely in terms of how large the bulbs they use are and in what kind of headlight housing they use. It is important to make certain that a new xenon headlight kit is compatible both in terms of housing and in terms of bulb size. Even though the system has some new components, a xenon bulb needs to be the same size as any original bulbs.

Kit Quality

Xenon headlight kits vary widely in terms of quality. Experts agree that the best kits are those made by the actual car manufacturers. These kits are more common than one might think; many of these companies put xenon headlights in their cars in the factory. Kits made by a car's manufacturer are guaranteed to fit properly, with less chance of an electrical problem. Less reputable are kits made by third party manufacturers. Some of these are made by respected companies and should work fine. Others are of poor quality and may cause problems. It is important to examine manufacturers before making a purchase.

Xenon Headlight Complaints

Some drivers complain about xenon headlights; they are painfully bright or they are a distraction. For the most part, xenon headlights are bright, but they should not hurt anyone's eyes. Many complaints stem from those who install their headlights at the wrong angle. Headlights that are set too high or are angled upward may be very irritating to drivers in oncoming cars. They may also be a distraction to those who are in a car in front of a car with xenon headlights. The best way to combat this is to have the installation done by a professional with good qualifications. It is also important to note that as xenon headlights become more popular, they have become more acceptable.

How to Buy Xenon Headlights on eBay

Both xenon headlight bulbs and xenon headlight kits are available for purchase on eBay. Many buyers find they may find kits on eBay that might be more difficult to find elsewhere. The best way to find the right set of bulbs or the right kit of a given vehicle is to use the search bar available on every eBay web page. A simple search for 'xenon headlights' should provide a wealth of options. Further refining the search term may narrow the search by maker or type of kit.

Before making a purchase, it is important to ensure that a kit or bulbs is indeed going to fit a car. If there are any questions, they may be asked of the seller. It is also helpful to do some research on the manufacturer's website. Potential customers may also utilise the eBay Deals page, which offers some different buying options and even has an automotive section as well.


Xenon headlights are becoming increasingly popular. While some people simply like the blue colour, others are adopting them because of their performance abilities and for safety reasons. Regardless of why they are being used, there are some things to learn before attempting to upgrade to xenon headlights. First, it is important to know how these headlights work and what to be aware of in terms of benefits from using them. Then, it is important to know what kinds of lights are available.

Those who are simply replacing bulbs have a much easier time than those who want to exchange their existing lights for xenon lights. When upgrading to xenon headlights, it is important to use a good quality kit and to have a professional install it. A bad installation may destroy a car's electrical system. Learning about the ins and outs of a xenon headlight system may go a long way towards reducing the stress of buying one.

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