Xyron Machines - make your own stickers & magnets

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These machines save time, money and make every project look professional, you can make the cheapest labels, fridge magnets, business cards ever.

I have had mine for around 15 years now and it has saved me more money than any other device in the office (continuous ink system coming close too - but that's another guide....)

So what is it? A simple machine that sits on the bench, you print the paper, pop it in, turn the handle and depending on the cartridge you put in it will either: laminate, make adhesive labels, full colour gloss labels or fridge magnets.
I have made A4 rewards charts to go on the fridge for the kids - we sell them for $19.95 at fairs - they are great!
You can even make magnetic business cards - using an ink jet printer - all good, just spray your printed paper with acrylic spray to set the ink & now they won't bleed or run - fantastic!

Xyron 900 machine from Renascent College

Here's the info:

Xyron 900 Machine - create stickers, magnets, labels and laminate up to 9" wide. Easy load cartridge and removable cutter.


 Permanent Adhesive
 Acid-Free Permanent Adhesive
 Acid-Free Repositionable Adhesive
 Two-Sided Laminate
  Laminate/Permanent Adhesive Combination
 Laminate/Repositionable Adhesive Combination
 Laminate/Magnet Combination

XYRON 900 - Create stickers, magnets, labels and laminate with the Xyron 900.
Applies an even layer of adhesive to items up to 9" wide.

Instantly laminates items up to 8.5" wide.

Change applications quickly with easy load cartridges.

Cutter remove for additional trimming.

No heat, batteries or electricit

Xyron 900 comes complete with a removable guillotine (depicted here), a full Acid-Free Permanent Adhesive cartridge & an Ideas Book

REVIEWS:  Posted: May 9 2008

What a fabulous product! I use it for my scrapbooking AND my Cardmaking ... it makes it all SO MUCH EASIER! BUY IT YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

101 Ways to use your Xyron 
Forget the messy glue and drying time. Celebrate your creativity with Xyron®, and make every project a work of art! Around the home, in the craft room, at school or the office, Xyron makes every project easier and more fun! Just look at what you can do with a Xyron machine....

  • Apply glitter, sand or micro beads to paper or shapes with ease!
  • Apply Xyron adhesive to both side of the shape.
  • Remove the righ side of the shape from the output sheet.
  • Sprinkle glitter, sand or micro beads over the adhesive.
  • Press the material in place with your hand, then gently shake away any excess.
  • Apply the decorated shape to your scrapbook page
    Create a "hinge" for fold out pages using a strip of paper to which Xyron adhesive has been applied.
  • Join the two pages together with the paper strip. Fold the pages together, creating a crease in the paper strip
  • Use Xyron adhesive to create "poem" pebble embellishments using flat stones or glass pebbles.
  • Apply Xyron adhesive to one side of a vellum saying for the stones, and to both sides of vellum for the glass pebbles.
  • Apply the sayings to the pebbles.
  • Turn artwork or photos into magnets using the Laminate/Magnet cartridge.
  • Or, create a magnetic photo frame so you can change the photo as desired.
  • Create a wipe-off memo list or chore list using Xyron Two-Sided Laminate or the Laminate/Magnet cartridge.
  • Write-on, then wipe off the laminate area with a dry-erase marker.
    It will turn your paper into laminated (gloss) magnets.

Depending on the size of your magnets these could work out to cost around 10c - 30c each - great price & you only need to print off 1 sheet at a time.

  • Perfect for fridge magnets, name card magnets & kids rewards charts. (We have these on our fridge - we scanned a flower, used an art program to separate the flowers from the stem, printed them out and ran them through the magnet cartridge, then carefully cut them out with scissors (it's very easy to do). They go on the fridge and when the kids are good they earn a 'petal', when their flower is full we have a little magetic sign that says "My flower has bloomed" they announce this (usually very loudly and excitedly) and place it on the bench where after a while it miraculously is replaced by a little reward/treat/book/etc

We have made these for many of our childrens friends and they love them - the entire set will cost you around $3 to make.
Use stickers on cups & mugs top personalise 

The 900 machine will allow you to make A4 sheets

Xyron 900 machine from Renascent College

The 150 machine allows you to drop tiny onjects in the machine - pull them through, rub and peel off backing sheet - voila! Your object is now adhesive, perfect for scrapbooking, floral embellishments & to make beads temporarily adhesive for beading.

Xyron 150 from Renascent College

We use both of these in our business all the time - try them, you will be amazed at how professional your labels can look, rest assured we will always stock the cartridges, so by buying through Renascent College - you will always be able to get replacements.

We hope you love them as much as we do.........

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