YES there is now DREADs available on ebay in melbourne!

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joannes_art which is me on offering dreads done very cheaply in melbourne...working from home via ebay to cut out the middle man and bring the cost down for many people...I currently have dreads which I did myself...the front and sides are bob length but the back is longer...there are two prices...short hair,anything above shoulder and LONG anything past shoulder within is a long process but once established is really easy wear HAIR CHOICE...especially for men and any that surfs etc or swims at the beach alot,as the dreads don't get in the way,dry quickly on there on and like being treated this can do as much or as little care to them but if you want them to be nice neat ones...instead of thicker natural one's...there are photo's of my dreads long and short are on my ebay and more will be added of people who want to be included...One of the reason's I have dreads(this is the fourth time) and that I'm also currently pink/purple/and BLONDE!!!is to be rememerable...BUT it takes a huge commitment to dress this way in order to represent yourself and your business...because you have to be more careful of what you do do in public both good and bad...because you don't want to be remembered for the wrong worked so well for me in NEW ZEALAND porirua,wellington...that I eventually became known as the POOH LADY...I used to walk thru the mall and have little say there goes the POOH LADY!!!which really helped me grow a strange and unusual business "HAND PAINTING" CHILDREN'S bedroom FURNITURE of my own designs and for peoples requests...In NZ I have done many nurseries in NZ including some famous KIWI RUGBY PLAYERS...people used to bring in their fabric and I would go to their house work out what they want painted and how...then agree on a price...take their furniture to paint...go home work out the furniture lay out...write down what they wanted and what I need to do...It's a good idea to get a double copy receipt book for this as I usually took a deposit,finished the furniture then did the walls in the room and received final payment...everyone was HAPPY...I have my first one listed on ebay and I am very pleased with the result's so far...fingers crossed for a is a very popular item on ebay but there are not many artists out there who choose to paint it...This FASHION TREND has been around overseas for awhile especially in AMERICA and parts of europe...This can be a growth industry if you research your market correctly and offer the right services and products you can achieve a living as an ARTIST...
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