Yamaha Ignition Switch Buying Guide

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Yamaha Ignition Switch Buying Guide

Bike owners often have to replace motorbike ignitions after thieves attempt to steal their vehicles. Screwdrivers inserted into bike ignitions can damage the components. These parts can also fail over time, which requires a repair. Finding the right ignition switch for a Yamaha bike can be tricky. However, knowing how to find the part number makes this process much easier.

Bikers can locate the part number for a Yamaha motorbike ignition switch in various ways. Before buying, they should consider the cost and condition of the ignition switches available. Buyers can find Yamaha ignition switches at motorbike parts and accessory stores, authorised dealers, and online from retailers and sellers using marketplaces such as eBay.

Finding the Part Number for a Yamaha Ignition Switch

Yamaha manufactures a wide range of motorbikes, including off-road and on-road models, two-wheel bikes, and quad bikes. To find the right switch for a specific bike model and year, buyers should use the part number as a guide. They can find the part number in three ways.

Consult a Yamaha Workshop Manual

When buying replacement parts for a motorbike, start by consulting the bike's user manual for part numbers and details. However, user manuals do not always contain this information, so those who enjoy working on their own vehicles or who simply want to learn more about them can invest in workshop manuals for their model of bike. TheHaynes and Clymer ranges of manuals are detailed and complete, and are useful for any motorbike enthusiast. Check one of these manuals for the correct part numbers.

Search for a Yamaha Ignition Switch by Motorbike Year and Model

Most sellers can find the correct part using the bike year and model. Alternatively, buyers can contact their local Yamaha dealerships for details regarding part numbers. A technician who specialises in Yamaha motorbikes may also be able to provide buyers with additional purchase options. Some ignition switches work on numerous makes and models and cost less than original equipment manufacturer parts.

Remove the Yamaha Motorbike's Ignition Switch

If buyers remain uncertain about the ignition switch's part number, they can remove the component to check the code on the ignition switch currently installed. Removing the switch is relatively simple, but always check the bike's user manual before attempting a home repair.

Removing the Ignition Switch from a Yamaha Motorbike

Users require an Allen key and a bolt extractor to remove the ignition switches from most Yamaha motorbikes. Note that, as motorbike construction varies from model to model, these steps do not apply to all Yamaha motorbikes. Refer to an owner or workshop manual for details for specific models.

Position the motorbike on a flat level surface in good light and disconnect the battery. Loosen the Allen bolts holding the upper triple tree to the front forks. Remove the steering damper, if the bike has one. Remove the nut and washer that hold the upper triple tree to the steering stem. Then, pull the upper triple tree off the stem and fork. Trace the original wiring to the connector and disconnect it to split the ignition from the wiring harness. Remove the upper triple tree and ignition switch from the bike and set them down on a clear surface. Use the bolt extractor to remove the bolts holding the ignition switch to the underside of the triple tree. Remove the ignition switch from the upper triple clamp carefully.

Once the ignition switch is free, check its surfaces for the part number. Although this may seem like a roundabout method of obtaining a part number, the user must remove the old ignition to fit the new one anyway. Physically checking the component provides additional peace of mind and prepares the motorbike for the replacement part.

Choosing a Yamaha Ignition Switch

Several factors affect the cost of ignition switches. The most important of these relate to the condition and classification. The table below lists common component descriptions and brief explanations of each of them.

Component Description


Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Same item installed on the bike when it left the factory

Not necessarily a Yamaha product

Tends to be more expensive than a third party component

Part numbers should match exactly


Never used

No signs of wear

May include the original packaging

Third party manufacturers typically cross-reference OEM part numbers


Rebuilt part

Cleaned, checked for wear and breakage, repaired, and tested

Should work like a new part

Rarely seen when buying ignition switches


Used previously

May show signs of wear and tear

Works as intended

Tends to be less expensive than OEM, new, and remanufactured versions

When purchasing Yamaha ignition switches, buyers should remember to look for components that include keys to avoid spending more on a locksmith. Those who want to use a single key for all the locks on their bikes should consider buying ignition switch and fuel tank lock sets .

How to Buy a Yamaha Ignition Switch on eBay

It is easy to finding the right Yamaha ignition switch on eBay. Browse the items available or type a key phrase into the bar that you can access from every page, for example " Yamaha XT ignition switch". The results page displays the items available from sellers. Refine your search by choosing the most appropriate item specification. Check eBay Deals for more great offers.

Replacing a Yamaha motorbike ignition switch is simple if you have the part number. Check the bike's manual, use the year and model, or remove the existing ignition switch to identify the part number. eBay is the perfect place to shop for Yamaha motorbike ignition switches, as sellers offer a wide selection of components at competitive prices.

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