You Know You Are Addicted to Scrapbooking When.....

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  1. You take photos to match the paper you bought.
  2. You name your kids Acid free and Lignin free.
  3. You plan your holiday with your husband around which towns or route has the most scrapbook stores.
  4. Before you move into a new home you make sure there is a "scrappin' room".
  5. It's your anniversary and you're at the scrapbook convention while your husband is at home.
  6. Your scrapbooking supplies overflow to the hallway and they remain there permanently.
  7. You no longer go shopping for shoes or purses when you're sad, you go shopping for scrapbook supplies.
  8. You take the day off work to go to the scrapbook convention.
  9. You stop dreaming about Brad Pitt and start dreaming about Mrs. Grossman.
  10. You are actively searching for a 12-step program for sticker addiction.
  11. Instead of scolding your children when they are naughty, you run for the camera.
  12. You can't possibly take your entire scrapbook "necessities" to a cropping party.
  13. You drive 29 hours to scrapbook with people you met on the Internet.
  14. You've programmed a speed-dial number on the phone for the scrapbook store.
  15. You call your child's name and he/she says, "Cheese".
  16. You need a new insurance policy for your scrapbook supplies.
  17. You can't decide if it's more fun to actually take a holiday or to scrapbook it when you get home.
  18. You mail the registration to the scrapbook convention 15 minutes after you received it.
  19. You sneak out of bed to scrapbook at 2.00a.m.
  20. You crawl on the floor to gather confetti from a party to add that special touch to your scrapbook.
  21. Your eight-year old daughter  gets her hand stuck in a newspaper dispenser and you make her stay that way until you get a photo.
  22. Your paper dolls start to resemble you.
  23. Your husband doesn't question when you are out until 3.00a.m. partying....crop partying.
  24. You work a 10 hour day and then go to a 3 hour scrapbooking workshop.
  25. Your email sign-on reflects your scrapping addiction, not your name.
  26. You and your three-year old fight over stickers-and you don't share.
  27. You don't have to take a shower or brush your teeth, YOU'VE GOTTA SCRAPBOOK.
  28. You carry all your scrapbook supplies in the car so you will always be prepared for a scrapbook party or colour coordinating while shopping.
  29. You have to purchase an SUV to haul your scrapbook stuff around.
  30. You have a revolving account at the scrapbook store. 
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