You get what you pay ?

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We have been in business of importing and retailing furniture for last 6 years and its our full time on-line business with dedicated web store called, open 7 days a week at Minchinbury NSW 2770.

Here are few tips while buying furniture on-line to get best value for your purchase and avoid back yard sellers.

1) Ask questions about the nature, time in business , credibility, showroom / display facility, warehouse, registration details, physical address and contact numbers of the on-line business. any credible business will ./ should have all those details.

2) Ask questions about the product quality, manufacturing details , specifications etc. If seller is giving you sensible answers, he knows his stuff and you are probably dealing with credible business. 
3) Do your homework. Use Internet and GOOGLE to save $$$$. Research as much as you can and it will save you money and get you best deal.

4) Cheaper price is not always the best buy. Please remember in this day and age you only get what you pay ( well most of the time). If any item is sounding too cheap or too good to be true, it warrants appropriate research. There are lot of backyard sellers who undercut genuine sellers to make quick profits and then move on to selling something else leaving their customers to fend for themselves. . These people tarnish the image of genuine sellers and erode customer confidence for on-line shopping.
 Buying cheap furniture has no warranty, often poor quality and substandard ( may be recycled) material.

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