Your DVR card has 25/30FPS, or 200/240FPS. What is FPS?

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FPS stands for Frame Per Second,  it is to describe the DVR card's ability when displaying multiple cameras on screen.

Remember in the old days how cinemas were using film roll to show movies?  Every 1 second of the movie uses 24 film frames, so when you watch a movie, it's just so real, you don't notice it is actually showing you a picture, then another picture, then another one, ... You are actually watching 24 still pictures every 1 second.   Now imagine Steven Spielberg can't afford the file roll, so he only uses 6 film frames to record  each second of a movie...

Got the idea?

If you go to the cinema to watch a movie like that, I guess you want your money back.  However, when it comes to security camera viewing, sometimes it is acceptable, as your main concern may be just to keep an eye on the big thing, while spending the lease amount of money.

So what frame rate is real time, why are there 2 numbers for each card?
For PAL system, which are used in Australia, New Zealand and most European countries, 25 fps each channel is required, or for NTSC system, which is used in US, Canada, 30 fps each channel is required.  The first number (25, 100 or 200), represents the total frame rate that can be achieved when using in PAL system, the second number (30, 120 or 240), represents the frame rate when in NTSC system.

For example, if you have a DVR card with 100/120 fps marking, when connected to 8 cameras, if you set display to show 4 channels on screen at the same time, all 4 cameras are real time display (25 fps in PAL, or 30 fps in NTSC, per channel); if you change the display and show 8 channels on screen at the same time, then each camera will only show "half real time" (12 fps in PAL, or 15 fps in NTSC, per channel).

So here are the nominations:
DVR card - 25/30 FPS  - 1 channel real time
DVR card - 100/120 FPS  - 4 channel real time
DVR card - 200/240 FPS  - 8 channel real time

USB DVR recording system - USB connection, 1 channel real time

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