Your Feedback Personality

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Your ebay Feedback Rating is an important tool in successfully negotiating the path through Ebay. It's important to keep your ebay feedback rating high - people judge you as a buyer and a seller based almost exclusively on this feedback rating.  It's your ebay personality, if you like.  Many buyers will only purchase from sellers with feedback ratings above 98%; many sellers are more willing to forgive the occasional delay or problem if they can see that this is unusual for you as a buyer.  How do they know?  It's all there in your ebay personality - your feedback rating.

So how do you make sure your feedback rating gets high and stays that way?  There are a number of critical elements.  Promptness is perhaps the most important - prompt contact, prompt payment, prompt replies, prompt postage.  Delays make ebayers worry - and this is often expressed in neutral or negative feedback.  Another important factor is honesty - honesty in descriptions, in bidding, in communication, and particularly if there are any problems.  If you try to avoid addressing a problem it can be misinterpreted as dishonesty - tell the truth and most ebayers are more than willing to find a mutually acceptable solution.

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Finally, go that little bit further in all your communication to be friendly - it's an ebayer's smile.  Say Hi, please and thankyou - try to inject a little fun into the transaction.  Yes we all want the information but it only takes a few extra seconds to make the information a genuine positive interaction.  If you have left feedback after a successful transaction and the other party has not reciprocated, a gentle reminder usually gets you a positive response, and keeps your rating up there.  Good feedback ratings aren't just good luck - they are the result of a strong commitment to doing the right thing in all your ebay transactions.  More feedback info

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