Your Guide to Buying Affordable Off-Road Motorbike Tyres

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Your Guide to Buying Affordable Off-Road Motorbike Tyres

One of the best things about motorbikes is the freedom that they allow their owners, with off-road models being among the most popular. This type of bike is very versatile because riders are able to get to terrains that they otherwise would not be able to traverse with other styles of bikes; however, with this also comes extra wear and tear on components, such as the tyres.

People who use their off-road motorbikes find they replace the tyres often due to the terrains they travel, and so they seek out ways to make tyres more affordable. These tyres are located at motorbike repair shops and online at eBay. Knowing how to find great deals on different brands and types of tyres helps keep the rider and bike on the road longer.

Types and Brands of Off-Road Motorbike Tyres

When it comes to choosing motorbike tyres, the type of terrain that is covered is not the only thing that needs to be taken into account. Another important aspect that you also need to keep in mind is what type of compound is used in the construction of the tyres as well. Listed below are some brands and types that make finding affordable tyres for almost any budget a pleasant experience.

Maxxis Maxxcross SI

The Maxxis Maxxcross SI is one type of motorbike tyre that is designed for off-road use and is a reasonably affordable model. This tyre is classified for use on terrains that are soft or that are of intermediate hardness. It is constructed of a rubber compound which makes it well suited for racing conditions due to the great traction it provides. The Maxxis Maxxcross SI features side lugs that have anti-flex knob bridges. These bridges help give the bike added stability and an improved grip for handling aggressive corners.

Maxxis Maxxcross IT

The Maxxis Maxxcross IT is always considered to be a great value because of the versatility it offers motorbike riders. This brand of tyre is great on all types of terrains and travels easily over rocks, sand, ruts, roots, and mud. It is also ideal on hard-packed terrains or ones that shift due to loose slate. The knob design is constructed of a rubber compound which allows the rider to handle and steer the bike more efficiently.

Maxxis Desert IT

The Maxxis Desert IT is another Maxxcross tyre that is considered to be one of the best values around for tyres in the off-road motorbike class designed for desert conditions. This model of tyre is not limited to being great only in sandy conditions; it also handles a variety of conditions with ease including those found on trails and single-track terrains.

The rubber compound used in the construction of this tyre makes it highly durable and also minimises the amount of chunking or cutting other tyres often experience when travelling sandy or rocky terrains. The construction of the tyre also reduces flex which in turn cuts down on the chance of a tyre tube becoming pinched. This tyre is designed with tall knobs making it ideally suited for racing in desert-like conditions.

Kenda K775 Washougal

The Kenda K775 Washougal is another type of off-road tyre that is ideal for off-road use. This brand and model of tyre is designed to work well on soft and intermediate terrains. It handles well in mucky conditions due to the side knobs which allow for better traction in sloppy areas. This Kenda tyre is a great deal for those who need an all-around, off-road tyre for their motorbikes.

Kenda K780 Southwick II

The Kenda K780 Southwick II off-road motorbike tyre is yet another tyre that is both affordable and long lasting. This model of tyre is designed with a casing structure for better handling that allows the bike to be more stable when turning corners.

This particular model of tyre is well suited for traversing muddy or other soft terrains and the large tyre tread makes it easier to keep clean. This model of tyre is a very affordable one that is built to last due to the high-grade rubber compound used in its construction. The knob design is one that is popular due to the great grip that it provides on other terrains as well.

Shinko 520

The Shinko 520 tyre is designed for both the front and back of off-road motorbikes. It has offers traction on soft terrains and does not bulge under the strain of excessive force or weight. This model is a very versatile tyre, as it is able to fit on over 30 different types of motorbikes that include Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Aprilia models. The tread is constructed of a compound of high carbon and is ideal for intermediate terrains. Chunking and tearing of the tyre is minimised due to reinforced knobs.

Dunlop D803

The Dunlop D803 off-road motorbike tyre is another affordable tyre that works especially well in muddy conditions. It is also able to traverse terrains that are rutted or have a lot of tree roots with ease. Due to the strong rubber compound used in the construction of this tyre, it is a long-lasting tyre that experiences a low amount of deflection even in harsh conditions.

Tyre Brand Comparison

Choosing the correct off-road motorbike tyres is essential for motorbike riders. Each brand of tyres has its own benefits and consumers should choose the brand carefully before purchasing.

Brand of Tyres




Good traction

Suitable for all terrain


Excellent traction

Suitable for a range of off-road conditions


Fits a range of motorbikes

Made from a compound of high carbon

Tyres have reinforced knobs prevents the tyre becoming worn down


Works well in muddy conditions

Uses a strong rubber compound

By using the chart above consumers can see the benefits of choosing the different types of brands of affordable tyres available.

How to Buy

Finding the right off-road tyres for your motorbike that are both high-quality models and still remain affordable is easy to do when you shop on eBay. Locating these off-road tyres is as simple as entering keywords into the search box located on any page on eBay. You also have the advantage of buying them from Top-rated sellers who have a track record for customer satisfaction.

Not all off-road motorbike tyres are the same. Some are more ideally suited to certain terrains than others, which is an important factor, especially in the racing world. Knowing which tyres brands or types are the most affordable ones and which features are offered by them, helps in making the buying process smoother.

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