Your Guide to Buying Affordable Portable Heating for Your Caravan

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Your Guide to Buying Affordable Portable Heating for Your Caravan

Owning and using a caravan for holidays is becoming increasingly popular. Having a caravan means there are no expensive hotels to worry about, and if you do not like a particular spot, then the following morning, you can always hitch up and move on. However, all is not lost. There are portable caravan heaters available that can at least keep you warm while watching the rain. By learning of the different types and styles of portable caravan heaters, caravan owners are able to make an informed choice and buy the right kind of heaters for their caravans. Buyers can shop for caravan heaters at local caravan accessory stores and online on eBay.

Electrical Caravan Heating

If you are caravanning away from a recognised pitch that has its own mains electrical hook-up, then electrical heating is not really feasible. A modest 1 kW electrical fan heater would flatten the average leisure battery from fully charged in less than an hour. With many camping sites now offering mains voltage outlets, then this is not a problem, as the holidaymaker simply connects the caravan to the mains feed, and all the caravan's internal mains sockets work as normal.

A note of caution is that most caravan sites offering a mains feed almost certainly charge the caravanners for the electricity they use, and there may well be a current limit setting how much they can draw at a particular time. It is therefore wise to possibly invest in two or more lower current heaters than one higher current version. If there is no current limit set by the site, then so much the better, and if the weather is particularly cold, then both heaters can run simultaneously. If the site does have a current limit set, then you can use several heaters without overloading the supply from the site. Alternatively, a single higher powered heater may be optimal, but you should use extreme care when turning the heat up, and you should set it from low to medium at least at first.

Convection Electric Heating or Fan-Assisted Electric Heaters

While electric fan heaters tend to be heavy users of power, a lower current system using convection heaters is entirely possible. While convection heaters do not provide the instant hot air that fan heaters do, they are generally more efficient when used for long-term, low-level heating. Also, because convection heaters are lower current devices, there is little chance that their overuse may trip any circuit breakers on the caravan site.

Portable convection heaters are particularly effective when in use for longer periods of time. So if the weather is inclement before you are setting out hiking for a day, then it would be wise to put a convection heater on a suitably low setting for when you return later in the day. Modern caravans are usually very well insulated, so you should come back from the excursions of the day to a warm and inviting caravan.

Portable Gas Heating for Your Caravan

Virtually every caravan has its own on-board gas supply nowadays. However, if you are unsure as to whether the gas supply continues to work, or if it has an intermittent fault, then there are bottled gas alternatives that you can consider. The internal gas-powered heating of most caravans properly flues to allow the dangerous waste exhaust gasses to escape through an external vent via a heat exchanger system. This means that there is no build-up of potentially fatal gases such as carbon monoxide within the caravan.

The caravanners may think they can simply purchase bottled gas heaters similar to those that use domestic gas. However, buyers must be aware that these bottled gas heaters need a good, fresh air supply, both to burn the gas and to allow these potentially fatal gases to dissipate. Simply lighting a portable gas heater in a caravan with the windows shut can lead to potentially harmful build-up of these very dangerous gases. An alternative would be to have an awning attached to the caravan and have the bottled gas heater set up within the awning. By doing this, the owner is sure to have a good air supply, and this greatly reduces, if not entirely eliminates, the risks of using bottled gas in enclosed spaces.

Type of Heat

Relative Cost

Available Brands

Electrical Caravan Heating

Very High

Moderate to Low



Convection Electric Heating


Very Low to Low

Very Low to Low




There are many types of heating for a caravan, from electric to convection, gas to oil, and even electric heated blankets and solar-powered devices. What is right for you may be a matter of practicality, cost, and availability of the heating systems.

How to Buy Portable Heating for Your Caravan

Buying an affordable heating system for your caravan on eBay is straightforward and simple. You should first decide whether you want an electric heater, or whether you want a gas heater, providing there is suitable ventilation within the caravan, or under the awning, which would be even better.

If you are looking at an electric heater, then be sure to choose one that is fairly low-powered, or has settings for reduced power, in the event of the electrical hook-up at the caravan site having a current limiting system. You might also want to check eBay Deals to see if there are any special offers on caravan heaters.

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