Your Guide to Buying Cast Wheels for Your Motorbike

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Your Guide to Buying Cast Wheels for Your Motorbike

Wheels include everything you need for your motorbike. A wheel is a rim and a tyre put together. Created in a variety of sizes, wheels are made of various materials for strength and durability. One of those materials is cast, which is used to create both alloy and aluminium wheels.

You need to replace existing wheels when your motorbike wheels show signs of wear, or if the wheels become damaged due to an accident. Find affordable cast wheels on eBay or at motorbike stores. When shopping, pick the perfect cast wheels for your motorbike from a wide variety of makes and styles.

Types of Cast Wheels

Most cast wheels are tubeless, meaning they do not require additional tubes inside the tyres. This is one of the benefits of purchasing cast wheels for a motorbike. Easy to maintain, cast wheels are less expensive than forged, magnesium, or steel wheels. Select between two general types of cast wheels according to your budget and the type of wheels you desire. Both types of wheels include the polished appearance of traditional cast wheels, yet the wheels come from different kinds of metal sources.

Cast Alloy

Cast alloy wheels cool faster than other types of wheels. This is due to the wheels' porosity, which allows for more airflow throughout the wheels. Cast alloy and cast aluminium wheels resist water and therefore resist rust as well, creating a shiny, polished look no matter what the weather.

Cast alloy wheels clean up quickly and easily, and work well for racing motorbikes. Alloy wheels use a blend of aluminium, magnesium, and nickel for the perfect wheel combination. Cast alloy wheels offer high performance and a stylish design for any motorbike.

Cast Aluminium

Created from lightweight aluminium, cast aluminium motorbike wheels are extremely light. Casting the aluminium does give the wheels a bit more weight for added durability. Cast aluminium wheels offer more style options than steel wheels.

They customise easier for a variety of designs, such as popular billet styles. Finishes vary from chrome to polished, and many motorbikes come outfitted with cast aluminium wheels from the factory. Cast aluminium wheels require little care, and since they are tubeless, repairing the tyres is simple in most cases.

Cast Wheel Makes

Buying the right cast wheels for a motorbike begins with the make of the bike. Select the right motorbike make such as BMW , Harley Davidson, Suzuki , or Yamaha to purchase the proper wheels. Wheels include the rims and the tyres for complete sets. Start with the make and model of your bike when searching for the perfect set of wheels, then narrow the field by choosing size, style, and design of wheels, such as billet wheels or customised wheels.

Cast Wheel Sizes

Front wheels and back wheels differ in size (U.S measurements). Be sure to check the sizes on each wheel. Imprinted on the wheels, wheel sizes are often a set of numbers and letters follow by either "front" or "rear", which clarifies where to install the wheels. Wheels range in size from smaller 17-inch wheels to large 30-inch wheels. Abbreviations such as TL indicate that the tyre is tubeless. If you purchase wheels and rims separately, ensure they are compatible sizes and styles.

Cast Wheel Designs

Another benefit of cast wheels is the variety of styles and designs available. Choose the most stylish wheels for your bike from an array of options. Since cast wheels are so light, it is easy to create various designs in the rims for the most optimum customisation of your wheels. Some popular cast wheel designs include mag wheels, billet wheels, spoked wheels, and laced wheels.

Cast wheels allow intricate details and designs due to their lightweight and easy-to-sculpt finish. From simple rims to 3D designs, cast wheels offer consumers a wide variety of style options for motorbike wheels which other types of wheels do not offer. Since wheels are primarily for style first and function second, it is important to consider the wheel style as it gives off the first impression of the bike.

Types of Wheel Casting

Developed through a variety of common casting methods used to create alloy and aluminium cast wheels, all cast wheels differ. Each process achieves essentially the same purpose using a different method. Some methods result in more expensive wheels due to the cost of the process itself and the time that goes into it.

Gravity Casting

Low-Pressure Casting

Counter Pressure Moulding

Flow Forming

Simplest casting process

Low-cost method

Uses gravity to fill mould to create cast wheel

Results in the most lightweight wheel

Quickest casting method

Uses air pressure to fill mould with molten metal

Costs more

Most common method

Opposite of low-pressure casting

Sucks air into the mould to retrieve metal

Same results as low-pressure casting

Results in high performing, strong wheels

Creates wheels similar to forged wheels

Combination of low-pressure and gravity casting

Creates a thinner metal wheel

Used primarily for racing wheels

For buyers interested in what type of casting process created the wheels, this is something to consider. However, since all cast wheels offer the same benefits, it is good information to have, but may not necessarily sway a purchasing decision. The only situation in which buyers benefit from knowing the casting process is if they are purchasing racing wheels, which are made a bit differently from street motorbike wheels for greater speed efficiency.

How to Buy Cast Wheels for Your Motorbike on eBay

Cast wheels are budget-friendly, but you score an even better price when you shop forgreat deals on cast wheels for your motorbike on eBay. Search for cast wheels and filter your results by the make of your bike, such as Harley Davidson , and your price range. Read listings carefully to find out if the seller is offering a full set of wheels, front and rear, or just one wheel.

Replacing old motorbike wheels does not have to be costly when you purchase cast wheels. Not only are cast wheels high performing, lightweight, and built for speed, but they offer many versatile style options for customising your bike. Cast wheels resist rust so they stay looking good for years, and the wheels offer a shiny chrome finish, adding sparkle to your bike.

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