Your Guide to Buying Casual Shirts on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Casual Shirts on eBay

The shirt is an item of clothing worn on the upper body, which covers the torso and the arms (sometimes the whole arm, sometimes less). Traditional shirts are normally considered to be formal garments. However, there are a great many casual shirts available on the mass market, combining some of the features of traditional shirts (collars, cuffs and buttons, for instance) with more laid-back designs, for a less formal shirt.

This guide will look in extensive detail at casual shirts, identifying the many types and the factors to consider when buying them. Further, this guide will take a close look at the online auctioning platform, eBay, explaining why it makes such a great place to buy casual shirts.

The Casual Shirt

A casual shirt is, simply, a shirt designed to be worn casually. The need for ‘casual’ as a distinct category of shirt only arises because of the traditional shirt’s reputation and social status as a ‘formal’ item of clothing. Casual shirts maintain the stylish shape and design of traditional shirts, but are not constrained by the uniformity to which most formal shirts conform.

There are numerous kinds of casual shirt. T-Shirts and Polo Shirts, for example, are typical examples of less formal forms of shirt. Jumpers (or sweatshirts) are larger and heavier than regular shirts. However, some shirts that mimic the style of formal shirts (i.e. featuring a collar, cuffs and buttons) may be considered casual. This can be because of the material from which they are made, but is more commonly a result of colours and patterns that are more expressive and original (making them inappropriate as formal wear, but perfect for more relaxed environments).

Important Considerations When Buying Casual Shirts

This section of the guide will cover the main four important considerations for any buyer to take into account when buy a casual shirt. The four considerations are:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Style
  • Price/Condition


One of the most important considerations for anyone buying any item of clothing is the size. Buying a shirt in the wrong size results in the intended wearer being either unable or disinclined to wear it. Whilst it is true that there is no fixed standard sizing system for clothes, the vast majority conform to similar specifications, allowing a buyer to make decisions based upon how well the clothes they currently own fit them. Check carefully that a casual shirt is the correct size before purchasing it.


Over the thousands of years for which shirts have been worn, they have been made out of many different materials. The following is a list of the most commonly used shirt-making materials, along with brief descriptions of their unique features and characteristics. Note: there are a staggering number of materials from which shirts can be made; the following list is not comprehensive, merely a representation of the most frequently found.

  • Cottoncotton is soft, recyclable, kind to the skin and relatively cheap due to its widespread usage.
  • Denimdenim is a rough, rugged, tough material. It is not the most comfortable, practical or cheapest shirt fabric available, but carries a certain cultural cache.
  • Flannelflannel shirts are soft, thick and heavy. They are comfortable and stylish, generally worn in cool climates.
  • Linenlinen is difficult to produce, and thus expensive. However, it is very cool and breathable in warmer weather conditions.
  • Nylonnylon is a strong, versatile synthetic fabric, cheap to produce, and very functional.
  • Polyester – artificial fabrics like polyester may feel less authentic than natural clothing materials, but have numerous distinct advantages, such as durability and longevity, less creasing, and ease of cleaning.
  • Silksilk is expensive and difficult to maintain, but is unparalleled in terms of class, style, and the feel of the fabric.
  • Woolwool is a classic material, having been used in clothing for thousands of years; it has all the basic characteristics necessary for clothing.


Style is, naturally, a hugely important consideration when buying a casual shirt (as with any kind of clothing). Whilst style is a hugely personal matter, the basics always ought to be considered. Colour is very important, so ensure that the shirt’s colour will suit the other clothes you wear. Further, the material, type of shirt, brand, and condition all have key roles to play in the overall style of a casual shirt.


Many things determine the price of a shirt; material and brand contribute towards the baseline of the shirt’s price when new. However, using eBay allows buyers to buy used items, which brings down the price. It is often a good idea to balance the need for a new product and the quality of an item against the cost of that shirt (both new and used), to get an idea of whether or not a new or used item should be bought.

How to Buy Casual Shirts on eBay

The renowned, global auctioning website eBay is a fantastic means of shopping for casual shirts online. Its diverse and varied pool of sellers ensures a great selection of available items, and it is designed with the ease of the user in mind.

The website is simple enough to navigate. Begin from the eBay homepage, wherein a list of the broadest product categories can be found in the page’s left-hand margin. Select the Fashion option from this list, which relocates the user to the list of subcategories of Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. Next, choose either the Men’s Clothing category, followed by casual shirts.

The item listings should now be displayed in the centre of the page. Items are represented in the listings by their names and pictures, which also act as links to the item’s individual page. An alternative to navigating with links is to use the search bar, which is a simple matter of typing the phrase “casual shirts” into the bar (located at the top of the page), and clicking the ‘search’ button (or pressing enter).

Once the item listings are displayed, they can be customised and refined, using the filtering options. These options allow the user to limit the displayed items to those that fit with the chosen desired criteria. These criteria include: type of shirt, material, price, condition, colour and seller’s location. Clicking on an item’s entry in the listings takes the user to that item’s individual information page, wherein detailed product specifications and seller’s information can be found. Further, choosing between ‘auction’ and ‘buy it now’ allows users either to bid on a product or buy it on the spot for a fixed price respectively.

It is this combination of a huge selection of products and helpful, user-friendly website design that makes eBay an excellent choice of online location from which to buy casual shirts


Whilst the shirt is traditionally considered a formal garment, it is by no means restricted to this idea. This guide set out with the intention of providing information about the casual shirts, so that the reader might be able to make a well-informed decision independently when buying one. The key points to remember are:

  • Type/Function
  • Size
  • Style
  • Material
  • Price/Condition

In conclusion, eBay is the perfect tool for buying a casual shirt online. This is due to the many helpful features it possesses, as well as the wide variety of casual shirts that are available.

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