Your Guide to Buying Cowboy Boots

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Your Guide to Buying Cowboy Boots

The cowboy boot is a form of footwear synonymous with the cattle ranchers and cowboys of the Wild West of America. Cowboy boots have remained popular with people because of the protection and comfort they offer, while others view them as a distinctive style of footwear.

Buyers should be aware of the various materials cowboy boots can be made from, as well as the importance of finding an accurately fitting boot. The following guide will cover the details that need to be considered before buying cowboy boots, and how to find a suitable pair on eBay.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a type of riding boot, and all cowboy boots have a number of common characteristics. These features are made to benefit the wearer and the function of their designs lay in practicality, rather than style.

Threadless Sole

All cowboy boots have a smooth sole, which are usually made from leather. Cheaper boots have soles made from a hard rubber or plastic. The sole is stiff and threadless, and this allows the wearer to easily slide their boots into a stirrup.


Cowboys boots also always use a wedged heel, although the size of the heel various greatly from boot to boot. Cowboy boots are given a heel to stop the foot from sliding forwards in the stirrup.

Boot Shaft

Cowboy boots are known for their high shaft, which rises up around the shin. The shaft keeps the boot fitted and secure on the foot in the absence of shoelaces.

The majority of boots sold today are slim fitting and have pointed toes. This is the style most popular with people who wear cowboy boots for fashion rather than function. If looking for a pair of boots that will be worn whilst working then search for those with rounder toes and lower heels. This will maximise comfort while keeping the feet safe.

Cowboy Boots Materials

The factor that influences the price of a pair of boots the most is the material the boots have been manufactured from. Cowboy boots can be made from a range of materials, and most boots use a form of animal hide or an imitation of it.

Some cowboy boot materials include:


Leather is easily the most popular material used in cowboy boots. Boots made from leather are durable and long lasting, and have a certain amount of breathability that keeps feet cool.

Boots made from leather can range in price, and how expensive the boots are depends on the quality of the leather. Another benefit from using leather is it can be printed to imitate other skins, such as alligator or snakeskin.


Snakeskin cowboy boots are also quite popular, although they are generally worn for style rather than to work in. Python skins and rattlesnake skins are the two most common found on cowboy boots. Boots made from python skins have large tiles usually containing a black and green mixture, whereas the rattlesnake skin boots have much smaller tiles and encompass brown and white. Buyers can expect cowboy boots made from real snakeskin to sell at high prices.


Alligator skin is popular in America, as it is a very distinctive skin to use, but this increases its price. Boots made from alligator skin need to be maintained regularly and carefully as the flexible skin found in between the tiles can crack and split when drying. It is not advised for buyers to wear alligator skin boots when undertaking manual labour.

Faux Leather

As with real leather the benefit of using this material is that boots made from this material can be printed to imitate other skins, which greatly reduces the price.

However, the quality of faux leather is not as strong as real leather, and boots made from this fabric will not have the same durability as those made from real hide. Still, faux leather cowboy boots are an ideal option for buyers on stricter budgets.

Cowboy boots can be made from a range of other exotic animal skins, including buffalo, crocodile, lizard, ostrich and goatskin.

Making Sure the Boots Fit

It’s important that the boots fit comfortably and securely. Due to their design, cowboy boots that are a little tight or loose will become noticeably uncomfortable when worn over a short period of time.

·  Buyers should visit a shoe shop and have their feet measured. It’s important to find boots that fit the feet exactly. When trying on the boots wear a pair of light-medium weight socks.

·  The boots need to be wide enough for the buyer’s foot to fit comfortably. When standing in the boots, stare directly down and check to see that the stitching is visible on either side of the outsole. If buyers are unable to see the stitching then they should try a wider boot. Wearing a boot that is too tight can cause the thread to become loose, damaging the boot.

·  Buyers can expect to experience a little difficulty when putting the boots on for the first time, and will have to push hard to get through the boot shaft.

·  The boots should feel snug as opposed to tight, and this can be most felt around the instep.

·  Buyers will notice a small amount of heel slippage in new cowboy boots. This is normal, and will disappear after the boots have been broken in and the outsoles become more flexible.

Buying Cowboy Boots on eBay

Buyers are always advised to search for cowboy boots on eBay. Although there are plenty of specialist stores selling these types of boot, eBay has a greater selection at much lower prices. To find a pair of boots on the site, take the following steps:

·  First, head to, and click on the ‘Fashion’ heading, which is found just left of the search bar.

·  If searching for men’s cowboy boots, then click on the Boots link found in the Men’s Shoes tab. If searching for women’s cowboy boots then click on the Boots link in the Women’s Shoes tab.

· Type Cowboy Boots into the search bar and press enter.

·  Buyers searching for boots made from a specific material should enter this information into the search, e.g. ostrich skin cowboy boot.

·  The ‘Size’ filter found on the left hand side of the page will quickly remove any boots with irrelevant sizes, and the ‘Colour’ filter can be used to search for a pair of boots in Beige, Black or Brown.

·  Buyers can also choose to search for new or used boots by using the ‘Condition’ filter. Used boots will be less expensive, but this could be due to wear or damage. Buyers should always inspect any photos of the boots on the item page for signs of physical damage.

·  eBay Deals is a great place to find items at low prices. Buyers are advised to check the footwear section when searching for boots. To find it, simply click on the ‘Deals’ title found on the top of the home page, followed by either the Men’s or Women’s Footwear link. The section for boots is located halfway down each page.


Cowboy boots are specialist footwear that are worn for protection or fashion purposes. All cowboy boots have a number of common characteristics such as a threadless sole and a pointed toe, and the boots can be made from a number of different animal skins. It’s possible to buy boots made from faux leather, and this greatly reduces the price.

It is recommended that buyers search for cowboy boots on eBay, as the site has a great selection of new and used boots at very reasonable prices. Remember to enter as much information into the search as possible, and check the item page for exact measurements.

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