Your Guide to Buying Kayak Accessories

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Your Guide to Buying Kayak Accessories

Kayaks make it relatively easy for people to explore lakes, rivers, and ocean shorelines. Having a kayak, however, doesn’t mean adventurers are ready for the outdoors. All kayakers need some basic accessories. As skills progress, they might even find that they want to buy more kayak accessories that will enhance the experience.

Types of Kayak Accessories

Kayak accessories can include a wide range of items that someone might use before, during, or after kayaking. If it’s related to kayaking, then it probably counts as an accessory. Some kayak accessories, such as paddles, are essential. Others are intended to make the kayaking experience safer or more convenient. Before setting out on the water, buyers should familiarize themselves with some of the most popular kayak accessories to make sure they have everything they need.

Kayak Accessories for Safety

Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

Personal flotation devices (PFDs) are also known as life jackets and life vests. Kayakers should wear their PFDs when near water, even if they haven’t gotten in their kayaks. PFDs are so buoyant that people usually have a hard time putting them on while swimming.
Buyers should choose PFDs that fit properly. It’s easy to slip out of a loose PFD.
Not all PFDs offer the same levels of protection, so buyers should know what type of devices they want. The most common PFDs are designed to help conscious users who have simply fallen in the water. Most kayakers prefer this type because it protects them without restricting movement.

Medical Kit

Even experienced kayakers can have accidents. That’s why it’s important for kayakers to always carry med kits. They can purchase pre-packaged medical kits or build their own by buying items individually. Regardless, a good medical kit should include:

  • bandages

  • alcohol pads

  • antiseptic pads

  • medical tape

  • scissors

  • sterile gauze pad

  • tweezers

If a kit doesn’t include these items, it might not have the supplies needed to address injuries.


Kayak helmets can protect people from rocks and other obstacles that could cause head injuries.
Half-cut designs let kayakers turn their heads without interference, but they don’t offer total coverage. Those who want more protection should look for full-cut helmets.

Necessary Kayak Accessories


Kayak paddles have blades on each end. They aren’t the same as canoe paddles, which usually only have one blade. Kayak paddles make it easier for people to maneuver between rocks and other obstacles without tiring quickly.


A bailer helps kayakers remove water that has entered the boat. Fully submerged kayaks might need bilge pumps, but sponge bailers usually work well enough. Small, inexpensive sponges can also fit into crevices that pumps cannot reach.

Tow Line or Throw Bags

A tow line makes it easy to secure kayaks on the shore’s edge. They also come in handy when a kayak gets stuck in shallow water, plants, or other obstacles.
Kayakers who explore areas with deep water should have throw bags. These pieces of buoyant rope have weighted bags on their ends. This makes it easier to throw the line to someone in trouble.

Transportation Accessories for Kayaks

Committed adventurers who own their own boats can use devices that make it easier to transport kayaks.

Kayak Cart

Kayak carts make it possible to roll kayaks so no one has to carry them to the water. Companies like Wheeleez make carts with wheels designed for a variety of terrains, including beaches. Kayakers who enjoy exploring coastlines should consider kayak carts with large wheels that won’t get stuck in the sand.

Car Rack

Car racks help kayakers transport their boats from home to water. Anyone who owns a kayak could benefit from a car rack.

Clothes for Kayaking

The type of clothes that people wear while kayaking should depend on the weather and water temperature. Kayakers traveling through extremely cold water should wear wetsuits or drysuits that will protect them if they fall in.
Kayakers passing through warmer weather might need to carry hats and long-sleeved shirts to protect skin from the sun.

Miscellaneous Kayak Accessories

Kayakers may want to consider carrying some of these miscellaneous accessories. It is useful to remember, however, that each item adds to the overall burden the kayak must bear.

  • an anchor to keep your kayak stationary in the water

  • a dry bag to store items you don’t want getting wet

  • a knife for cutting rope

  • an air horn to signal other boats

  • a torch to signal other boats at night

  • a waterproof compass and map in case you get lost

How to Buy Kayak Accessories on eBay

Shoppers can find all types of kayak accessories on eBay. Many kayak accessories are listed in the sports category. Buyers can also use eBay’s Advanced Search feature to find the specific items they want to purchase. Using eBay to buy kayak accessories gives them a chance to evaluate the seller before spending any money.



Kayak accessories can improve safety, portability, and enjoyment on the water. With eBay, adventurers can buy accessories from reputable sellers.

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