Your Guide to Buying Men’s Sportswear on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Men’s Sportswear on eBay

Sportswear is garments manufactured for use when playing sports or involved in physical activities. The style and fit of the garment changes depending on what it is worn for, and the clothes range from form fitting cycling jerseys to loose basketball shorts.

It’s important for the buyer to be aware of what clothing is suitable for use with which sport, and this will lead to more confident shopping. This guide will examine different types of sportswear and instruct on how to find suitable garments on eBay. The site has a large selection of new and used sportswear, and at very reasonable prices.

Men’s Sportswear

The majority of sports and athletic activities have clothing specifically made for use when participating, with the idea being that the clothing will be of benefit in some way. Below is some of the most commonly bought sportswear:


Cycling clothing used for road cycling and racing is tight, moisture absorbent and very light, which helps maintain speed and stamina. Clothing used for off road cycling tends to be loose and thick. This so the rider is protected in case of a crash.

Cycling Jerseys

Cycling jerseys are used mainly for road cycling, but they can be worn for warmth when off-road. The jerseys are available in short and long sleeved options. Short sleeved are suitable for use on average to warm days, while long sleeved jerseys should be used in colder weather and when cycling at night.

Cycling jerseys can be made from a number of synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon, or natural fibres like merino wool or bamboo. The synthetic materials tend to have average to good sweat wicking properties, while also usually being waterproof and durable. The natural materials are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which means they require less washing.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are worn in one of two ways. Waist-high shorts use an elasticised waist to keep the shorts in place, whereas bib shorts use a suspender system. Although waist-high shorts are more common, some claim that bib shorts are more comfortable due to the distribution of pressure across the shoulders rather than around the stomach. Cycling shorts tend to be made from synthetic materials, such as polyester, Lycra and Coolmax, as these materials are light and have good moisture absorption. Buyers will find that shorts are often made from more than one material, and this can increase the price.

Cycling Tights

Cycling tights are full length, and as with shorts, they are available in waist-high and bib options. Cycling tights should be worn in autumn and winter, or if cycling in wet weather or at higher altitudes. It’s a good idea to look for a pair that has a waterproof coating, and if cycling in very cold temperatures then search for tights made from merino wool or Roubaix.

Both of these materials are very good insulators, and reflect trapped body heat back at the legs. The number of materials used to make the tights will influence the price.

Ball Sports

Ball sports include: football, soccer, rugby, tennis and basketball. Accordingly, garments greatly differ in fit and weight depending on the sport.


Jerseys worn in football, rugby and soccer are quite light and tend to be made from a synthetic material like polyester. Football jerseys are sleeveless, while rugby and soccer jerseys are available in short and long sleeved styles.

Tennis players wear a sports polo top or tee shirt, and these too are available in long and short-sleeved options. Basketball jerseys are sleeveless and meant to be worn loose.


Rugby shorts are worn tight, while soccer and football shorts are looser. Basketball shorts are worn long and can extend down over the knee. Most professional sportsmen involved in ball sports wear two pairs of shorts. The first layer is form fitting and usually made from a compression material like Lycra. This helps relieve stress in the muscle and can improve stamina. The second pair is part of the recognised attire for that particular sport and is worn over the tighter compression shorts.


Rugby, football, soccer and basketball all use long socks that reach up over the shin for protection. Tennis players wear normal ankle high socks. It is recommended that buyers search for natural and synthetic blends, such as cotton and polyester, as this will increase comfort and maintain moisture absorption. Buyers with sensitive skin should avoid dual synthetic blends in socks, as it can cause irritation.


There are a large number of accessory garments that can be worn to improve protection when playing a sport. Body armour is commonly used in rugby, while many soccer players wear shin guards underneath their socks. Tennis players often wear head and wristbands to help keep them cool during a match.


Sportswear worn when jogging or running should be fitting for the weather outside.


It’s a good idea to wear a running jacket during wet and windy weather. Most jackets are windbreakers, and many are available in water-resistant or waterproof finishes. Buyers should look for jackets made from synthetic materials, as these are be less costly and will offer great protection.


Running shorts can be worn loose or tight, and most stop midway down the thigh. Shorts should be used on warm days, but can be worn over tights on colder runs.


Running tights work exactly the same as cycling tights, but allow for more freedom of movement. These are used in colder seasons and during bad weather, so look for tights that are made from insulating fibres like cotton.

The style, fit and material of the sportswear is determined by the sport or the activity it is used in. Buyers should avoid wearing garments meant for use with sports other than the one they are participating in, as this can damage the garment and cause discomfort.

Buying Men’s Sportswear on eBay

Buyers are advised to search for sportswear on eBay, as the site has an unbeatable selection at very reasonable prices. Searching for men’s sportswear on the site is a relatively straightforward process. First, head to, and then click on the Men’s Clothing link that is found in the ‘Fashion’ tab.

On the following page scroll down and click on the Sportswear title found halfway down the page. This will load up the men’s sportswear listings page, and from here simply enter type what is needed into the search bar and press enter, e.g. Cycling Jersey.

There are a number of filters found on the left of the page that can refine the search. These include the ‘Product Type’, the ‘Size’ and the ‘Brand’. If searching for used sportswear then click on the ‘Condition’ filter, but make sure to read the description box on the item page for any additional information regarding the garment’s state.

Buyers should also check out the eBay Deals section of the website, as they may find what is needed at a much lower price. The ‘Deals’ link is found at the top left of the page, and buyers can find discounted sportswear by clicking on Men’s Clothing, followed by Sportswear.


Men’s sportswear is designed for use during specific sports and athletic activities, and it’s important that buyers purchase garments appropriate for what they are doing. The most common types of sportswear are those used when cycling and during ball sports. Buyers need to consider the material used in manufacturing, as this will influence price and function.

eBay is a great place to search for men’s sportswear and buyers will find a great selection at very low prices. All buyers should also check the Deals section, as new items are constantly being listed.

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