Your Guide to Buying Men's Running Shorts

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Your Guide to Buying Men

Whether running in order to train for an event, or simply for fitness and leisure, wearing the right clothing can greatly increase both the comfort and enjoyment of the runner. A wide range of sportswear is available suitable for a variety of different sports and athletic activities and among the most popular and widely available are running shorts. Running shorts are generally designed to reduce wind resistance, as well as to help keep the runner dry while running by 'wicking' away any sweat, absorbing it to the surface where it can evaporate. A wide range of running shorts, as well as other sportswear, can be found on eBay.

The Types of Running Shorts

There are a few main types of running shorts which are commonly used. Different kinds of running shorts offer different benefits and may be suited for the needs of different runners.


The most commonly worn type of running shorts is the v-notch shorts, and are called so due to the v shaped notch they have in the outside leg seam. This style is a popular choice as it does not hug the runners body, instead having a looser fit which many runners find more comfortable.

Split Leg

An alternative to v-notch shorts is the split leg design. These shorts are not sewn along the length of the leg, and are instead designed so that the front panel can overlap with that of the back. These shorts allow for a high level of flexibility when running.


Compression running shorts are also available, and are similar in design to the cycling shorts that some cyclists wear. Tight fitting, these shorts offer a great deal of warmth and support to the runner's muscles, and their close fitting design minimises any chance of chafing. However, some runners find compression shorts uncomfortable, while self conscious runners prefer to avoid these tight, form fitting shorts.

Running Shorts Fabrics

A variety of different materials are used in running shorts, and are typically chosen for a number of different properties. A key aspect is the breathability of a material, which helps to keep the runner dry and cool during the activity. The 'wicking' effect some materials offer should also be taken into account, as this helps to prevent a build up of sweat.

· Natural fibres and fabrics are often a popular choice for use in running shorts. Fabrics such as cotton are breathable and can allow the body to cool naturally through perspiration. However, they do not stretch as well as synthetic materials, and can also lead to the build up of moisture which can create chafing and discomfort.

· Many modern running shorts make use of synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester. These are affordable materials that can be easily washed and offer a good deal of stretching for the wearer. They can also be more effective at wicking away moisture from the body. Tighter finding types of running shorts often use materials such as lycra, which help shorts to fit tightly to the body.

· Running shorts are also available which feature a blend of both synthetic and natural fabrics. These shorts can offer the benefits of both types of material, and are widely available.

Elastic and Drawstring Waistbands

There are two types of waistband which can commonly be found on running shorts, and the type of waistband should be considered.

· Perhaps the most widely used type of waistband, elastic running shorts make use of elastic which has been encased or sewn into the waist of the shorts. Elastic shorts are simple to put on and take off, and can hold the shorts securely to the wearer. However, elastic can give or snap over time, and some wearers find elastic uncomfortable.

· An alternative is the drawstring waistband. These waistbands offer the user the ability to alter the tightness of a pair of running shorts, which can help the wearer to find a more comfortable fit. However, they may come undone or loosen while running unless securely tied.

· Compression shorts and those made out of tight fitting material such as lycra will not often feature waistbands, with the tightness of the fabric itself keeping the shorts in place.

Running Shorts Features

Running shorts can also offer a variety of different features, such as hi visibility stripes or additional pockets. Consider any features which may be useful before deciding on a pair of running shorts.

· If a route will take the runner near busy roads, or if the runner prefers to run in the dark, then running shorts and other types of sportswear which feature hi vis material or reflective stripes may be a good choice, and can improve the safety of the runner.

· Running shorts which feature a liner are also available, and can offer additional comfort to the runner. As ordinary underwear can be poor at wicking away moisture, they can be uncomfortable to wear for running as well as other sporting and athletic activities. Running shorts which include a liner can also help to reduce any chafing.

· If taking an mp3 player or any other items on a run, it may be worth considering the pockets of a pair of shorts. Many shorts include pockets which include zippers which can help to ensure that any items do not fall out while running. It can also help to check that the pockets would be deep enough to hold any items.

How to Buy a Pair of Running Shorts on eBay

Running shorts featuring a range of different materials and designs can be found on eBay, as well as a wide range of sportswear suitable for running and other activities.

· The full listing of available running shorts can be found under Sportswear in the Men's Clothing category, through the Clothing, Shoes, Accessories portal.

· Items can be arranged by a number of different categories, including price, condition, colour, material and item location. This makes it easy to narrow down the listings in order to find an item with the desired characteristics.

· Key information about an item, such as the brand or type of a pair of shorts, is often displayed in the item listing, making it easy to quickly establish if an item meets any specific requirements.

· Further information about an item can be found on the item page, which also includes information about the seller such as item reviews and feedback ratings. This helps to ensure that a purchase can be made with confidence.

· If a specific pair of running shorts is needed, it may be easier to make use of the search function, which can be found at the top of each page. Searches can be made to return results from across the site, or from within a specific category.

· Look out for any deals on men's sportswear which may be available under the Men's Clothing section.


A wide range of running shorts is available which can suit the needs of many different runners. Running shorts are designed in order to help keep the runner cool and dry while running, as well as to provide flexibility to the runner. Running shorts can also offer a variety of useful additional features, such as zip up pockets for any valuables, or reflective stripes in order to enhance safety. A wide range of running shorts and other types of sportswear can be found on eBay.

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