Your Guide to Buying Motocross Tyres on a Budget

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Your Guide to Buying Motocross Tyres on a Budget

It is very common for dirt bike riders to wait too long to replace their tyres. Since it is not a fun task to shop for and then install new motocross tyres, the process tends to be avoided. However, failing to replace worn tyres leads to a significant reduction in performance and grip. Since having traction is a big part of racing, riders simply cannot afford to wait too long to get new tyres. Luckily the process is not that difficult and there are even some ways to get more life out of the existing tyres while the shopping is taking place.

Before Shopping for new Motocross Tyres

Before starting to shop, make sure that the current tyres are worn enough to replace. Owners can do a couple of things to extend the life of their tyres.

Turn the Tyres

If owners only drive the dirt bike for motocross, the drive side of the tyre wears out faster. Owners can get 25 per cent more tyre life if they simply reverse the wheels so that the worn side is now on the braking half of the bike. Just look at the tyres to see if they are wearing down at an angle. If they are, reverse them.

Check the Air Pressure

As with any motorcycle, the air pressure needs to be at certain level in order to get the most performance. Riders who feel like their bike is not performing well should check the psi. In general the tyres should be at 11 - 16 psi. However, if there is soft ground the pressure is better at 11 - 13 psi and if there is hard ground, 14 - 16 psi is optimal.

Groove the Tyres

Another way to extend the life of the tyres is to groove them. This only works if there is still some tread there. Take a razor blade and cut grooved lines into the knobs on the tyres. The grooves should go from left to right so that they can grip the ground as the bike travels. Do not cut grooves in the same direction that the bike is travelling in. Only do this to the knobs in the centre of the tyre. Leave the tread on the sides of the tyres alone.

Types of Motocross Tyres

Other than choosing the brand, the kind of tyres to get is the biggest part of the decision making process. Manufacturers make tyres specifically for different riding styles. Selecting the right kind of tyre is as simple as figuring out what kind of terrain riders are driving on.

Hard Tyres

Rocky trails and rough terrains wear tyres down quickly. For this reason, a hard terrain tyre is a good choice. They consist of durable, hard rubber that is less flexible and has extra knobbing tread. The thick rubber prevents rocks and debris from puncturing the tyres and the knobs keep the bike on the trail.

Intermediate Tyres

Intermediate tyres are in between. They can still perform on moderately rocky terrains as well as get across soft soil. Hard terrain tyres simply dig into soft ground because the tread is so aggressive. Intermediate tyres maintain a good balance with hard rubber and semi-knobby tread. Racers who go across several types of terrains at once typically prefer these tyres.

Compound Tyres

Compound ground requires a different kind of off-road traction. The knobs on the tyre are smaller, more numerous, and spaced far apart. This way the bike travels across the ground rather than just digging into it like a shovel. The knobs act like a paddle pushing the bike forward. They are definitely not ideal for other kinds of terrain.

How to Change Motocross Tyres

Those who do not want to take their bike into the shop need to be prepared to change the tyres themselves. Luckily, the process is easier than changing the tyre on a vehicle. The first step is to remove the wheels. Usually a socket wrench is the tool of choice for this. Be sure not to loose any of parts when taking them off. Next, deflate the tube. After lowing the air pressure as much as possible, push the sidewalls of the tyre inward and downward to break the bead. A tyre spoon makes this process easier.

Once the bead is broken, start prying the tube out between the tyre and the rim. After the tube is out, start forcing the tyre off the rim. Using the tyre spoon makes this much easier. If it is hot outside, place the new motocross tyres out in the sun. If they are warm then the installation process is much easier. Use the tyre spoon to put the new tyre onto the rim. Once the tyre is on, prepare to put the tube in by lining up the sprocket. Use the spoon to pry open the space and place the valve stem in the hole. Then slowly work the tube in between the tyre and rim.

How to Buy

Motocross is all about speed and traction, neither of which is possible without tyres that are in good condition. You can find sales on motorcycle parts and accessories on the eBay Deals page, or you can browse thousands of other items by using the eBay search bar. For example, doing a query for " motocross tyres" produces a list of those products. Start browsing through them and comparing the prices and models between sellers to find the best bargains. To save time, narrow the list by selecting whether you want new or used tyres and enter in your price range.

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