Your Guide to Buying Motorcycle LED Fog Lights

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Your Guide to Buying Motorcycle LED Fog Lights

Riding your motorcycle in poor weather conditions poses a significant risk increase, and thick fog is responsible for creating very serious road hazards. It is imperative, therefore, to take every step possible to ensure your ride is as safe as it can be if you do need to ride in heavy fog. Motorcyclists need good lighting on both the front and back of their bikes. LED fog lights are a great choice for most motorcycles, as they are long lasting, energy efficient, cost-effective and lightweight. If you want to make the right choice on fog lights for your bike, check the range on eBay for an LED type that can make your bike safe for all conditions.

Why Fog Lights are Important

Fog lights are designed to enhance poor weather vision for both day and night riding. LED fog lights penetrate further into the distance from a low position on the motorcycle. They prevent light from reflecting back into the rider's face and make riders far more visible to other road users.

You can choose from many types of motorcycle fog lights, but the LED variety offers you optimal lighting for poor weather conditions in addition to fog, such as heavy rain and snow. Standard headlights are not equipped to deal efficiently with these conditions as light is emitted outwards from too high up on the motorcycle. Also, the strength and angle at which standard headlights beam light does not enable adequate distance vision due to reflection from water particles in such weather. Riders who make do with standard headlights, therefore, should only use them in low beam when riding in fog to concentrate the light as directly onto the road in front of them as possible.

Choosing LED Fog Lights for Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle LED fog lights provide effective vision in low light conditions. You should choose LED fog lights according to which type are most compatible for your bike. To determine which LED fog lights you need, you should undertake a brief assessment of your motorbike to ensure compatibility. HID (high intensity discharge) fog lights are similar to LED, and produce the same kind of lighting characteristics. However, LED lights tend to last longer as they produce less heat.

Some people may prefer coloured fog lights sometimes found among the halogen variety, whereas LED fog lights are most often a cool white. This is because coloured lights are more effective in traditional incandescent or halogen lighting that does not involve the burning of xenon gas. LED lights do not need to be coloured to produce maximum riding efficiency in fog and other poor weather conditions.

Advantages of LED Fog Lights

LED fog lights penetrate more deeply in foggy conditions than either driving lights or regular headlights. Unlike conventional headlights, LED fog lights penetrate water particles rather than reflect them. The high performance characteristics of these fog lights make them very popular among motorcyclists who frequently ride through fog and other poor weather, as these lights greatly increase rider safety. LED fog lights not only enable the rider to see more of the road in front, but also offer greater protection by increasing their visibility to other road users when fog is thick and visibility is low.


As already noted, LED fog lights enhance both driver vision and their visibility to others. LED fog lights can pierce the fog wall and drastically improve distance vision. Unlike the yellowish colour of regular fog lights, the LED variety produce a cool white light that resembles natural daylight and covers approximately 70 percent of the road.

Light Distribution

LED fog lights distribute light more evenly than traditional bulbs. Motorcyclists can also arrange the exact beam angles of their fog lights to optimise the widest coverage. This is especially important for driving in bushland and grassland areas at night, as riders can then see beyond the road shoulders for any approaching wildlife.


As LED lights require less energy to burn, LED bulbs do not overheat as regular bulbs do. They therefore offer a greater lifespan, up to approximately 2,000 hours, while in practice they can last the lifespan of the motorcycle itself. They are also impact resistant and are made with a filament that does not deteriorate over time. This makes LED fog lights a cost-effective alternative to the incandescent variety.

Eco Footprint

The relatively small amount of energy used to burn LED bulbs lowers the environmental impact. The lower carbon dioxide emissions from LED lighting provides a more sustainable light source for motorcyclists and road users generally.

Energy Efficiency

LED fog lights use less power to produce greater light output. A 35 watt LED bulb produces three times the lumens when compared with a 55 watt halogen bulb. This is good economics as it utilises more available light with less energy expended. LED fog lights also put far less strain on the engine battery.

Fog Light Comparison

It is important for consumers to understand the benefits of using motorcycle LED fog lights. This ensures they make an informed decision when purchasing new fog lights.

Feature of LED Fog Light



Enhances vision of driver

Improves distance of vision

Light resembles natural daylight

Light Distribution

Distributes light evenly

Allows riders to see a much wider angle


LED lights do not overheat

Impact resistant

Eco Footprint

Uses low amount of energy

Lower carbon dioxide emissions

Energy Efficiency

Less drainage on battery

Produces more light for less energy

By using the chart above it is easy to see all the benefits for the features of choosing an LED Fog light.

How to Buy

If you would like to shop for a pair of LED fog lights for your motorcycle, eBay is the right place to begin as it offers you great potential to save money. Simply enter a broad or brand specific search, such as " Cree motorcycle LED fog lights ". Locate several potential items for information comparisons to give you a better buyer's perspective and always ensure product compatibility. Also check availability on eBay Deals to increase your options.

It is also advisable that you check the seller's eBay reputation. Previous customer feedback says a lot about their professionalism. You should also note the seller's positive feedback score because your confidence in your seller goes a long way towards customer satisfaction.

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