Your Guide to Buying The New iPad

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Your Guide to Buying The New iPad

The iPad 4 is another edition to Apple's growing catalogue. This latest version has a 128 GB edition, which is the highest memory capability for an iPad. The design is similar to its predecessor and the difference comes in its internal functionality. eBay is a great place to shop for the iPad 4 and it offers products that are both new and pre owned.

Buying Considerations of the iPad 4

Before purchasing, the user should research what is available on the market and what specification iPad they desire. This will help speed up the process of purchase and will ensure the filtering functions on eBay are utilized properly. The memory size is often the most pressing topic when assessing what iPad to buy as this is really the only specification difference within the range itself and owes to any price differentiation. Checking the specification is also recommended as well as having a budget in mind as this again will help speed up the process as a whole.

Design and Build Quality

The fourth-generation iPad aesthetically is similar to both the iPad 2 and 3, Apple have stuck with a rectangular shape with rounded corners and chamfered edges. Its dimensions are 186 x 241 x 9.4mm and it weighs 652g (662g for the cellular model). If size is a problem then the iPad mini is always an option for the user, this again is available for purchase on eBay. There has been great attention to detail in order to maintain the premium feel of the product. Design wise it is very much similar to the other models, the difference comes internally.


The hardware of this model has been updated and the new A6X dual core processor with quad-core graphics is described as "twice as fast" as its predecessor and has the same increase in graphics performance.

The iPad has 1GB of RAM and is designed to be a speedy device. Some models in the range are equipped with wifi and others with both wifi and 3G cellular data. The price increases with both memory and wifi capability so this must be taken into account as well as the fact no external memory is compatible as there is no slot for expansion. The screen is still 9.7in in size coupled with the 1536 x 2048 Retina quality resolutions.


There have been a few developments when it comes to connectivity. The lightening connector is the first, it is smaller and reversible so any old charging equipment won't work without an adaptor. The other major change was 4G connectivity; this is high speed internet access on the move. Bluetooth remains the same but the main change is with the wifi.


The camera has stayed the same on this device; it still has a 5 mp iSight camera and has an illuminated sensor to help in low light situations. The front facing camera is now 1.2MP and is now HD to help with functions such as FaceTime.


It comes pre-loaded with iOS 6 including Siri and concentrates on Google Maps rather than its own mapping system. Apps supporting retina resolution take up more space than others and this must be taken into account when deciding what memory size to purchase.

Battery Life

This device has 10 hours battery life when browsing the web over Wi-Fi and if used in conjunction with an Apple Smartphone it can often stretch over a few days.

How to Buy an iPad 4 on eBay

When looking to buy an iPad 4 on eBay it is important to research what specification is required before searching. To begin, the user should type the keywords "iPad 4" into the search bar and eBay will generate a results page.

From that, the user must then filter the results using eBay's category system. Another suggestion is to add the memory size to the initial search such as " iPad 4 32GB", this will further limit the results that appear before additional filtering.

The user can sort the results according to price, colour, condition among others and it is the perfect way for the customer to select the ideal device for the right price. Having a price idea in mind can help the process as a whole and if it is lower than the new cost of a device then looking at pre owned iPad's is a good option.


When looking for an iPad the main consideration is the memory size as this is what affects the price the most. Relate the device to circumstance and see how much of the memory will be used and choose accordingly. eBay is a great place to begin searching and offers those who have lesser budgets the option of pre owned devices.

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