Your Guide to Buying Used Athletic Shoes

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Your Guide to Buying Used Athletic Shoes

Shoes are a vital part of any women’s wardrobe. This is particularly true of athletic shoes for anybody, whether they be a professional sportsman or recreational hobbyist. An athletic shoe role is varied and essential to ensuring the best possible performance of the wearer in their chosen sporting activity.

Purchasing the right athletic shoe need not mean buying a new pair of shoe. It is possible to find used shoes that are just as good as new ones. The best place to locate these used items is on eBay. This guide aims to give an overview on how to buy used athletic shoes for women.

The Different Types of Athletic Shoes

There are many different types of athletic shoes for women available on the market. Each will offer different qualities and be more suited for particular sports. The different types of athletic shoes include (but are not limited to):

Specialist Shoes

Specialist shoes are designed for a specific area of athletics. They often will only be suitable for this particular activity. The different types of shoes include:

· Performance training shoes for running: They are a lightweight shoe without any additional padding.

· Racing shoes: for short, fast distances. Designed with no padding these shoes are ultra-lightweight.

· Off road running shoes: These shoes are durable, have reinforced stitching and additional toe protection. They are designed to be worn for off road running, on uneven and bumpy terrain. 

Traditional Athletic Shoes

Traditional athletic shoes include:

· Cross trainers: Cross trainers are suitable for small amounts of many different types of sports. Great for an all-rounder or casual sportsman.

· Walking shoes: Walking shoes do exactly what they suggest. They do not offer as much support as a running shoe, but have an upturned toe that allows for the foot to roll as they are used, which is ideal for walking.

· Aerobic shoes: Aerobic shoes are great for high impact sports. They are designed to absorb shock and assist with keeping the foot energized.

Court Shoes

Court shoes are specifically designed for court sports. They include:

· Basketball shoes: Designed to offer support to all aspects of the foot including the toes, ankles, and heels. They are often made out of breathable materials to ensure good air circulation and temperature control.

· Tennis shoes: Tennis shoes offer support for lateral movements and shock absorption on the court. 

· Racket shoes: Designed for most racket sports, these shoes will not mark the floor and are suitable for short and quick, intense games.

Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are another specific type of athletic sports shoe. Some will have additional clips on the souls to fit into the clipless pedals.

· Road racing shoes: Stiff, light and hard shoes with additional padding in the heel. Designed to sit on the pedal and assist with the transference of energy from leg to pedal.

· Mountain bike shoes: Similar to road racing shoes, they will also have a good tread to match the terrain being ridden in.


Athletic shoes are made out of a number of different materials and each offer a different quality. It is not uncommon for athletic shoes to be made up by a variety of different materials. To ensure that the quality of the shoe is known, find out what materials are being used in the genetic makeup of the shoe.

Some common materials are:

· Synthetic fabrics like Nylon.

· Polyurethane

· Vinyl

· Rubber

Choosing the Right Used Athletic Shoe

Buying any type of athletic shoe can be an expensive undertaking. However, there are affordable options available. One such option is purchasing a used pair of shoes. Generally speaking, there are many different reasons why an owner would want to sell on a pair of shoes. This means that it is possible to find a used pair of shoes in excellent condition. There are a number of different considerations to take into account when looking to purchase a used pair of athletic shoes.

When looking to purchase a used pair of athletic shoes, there are a few points to take into consideration:

· What Type of Activity is one Using the Shoe for?  Walking is very different to running, which is also different to playing football. Know what activity the shoe will be serving. Where possible, try not to multi task with the same pair of shoes it may not be suitable.

· Do Some Research: Find out what type of athletic shoe is most appropriate for one’s desired activity.

· Know One’s Feet: This includes the width and length, as well as any other conditions that the wearer’s feet may be predisposed to. A great way of doing this is to measure one’s feet frequently with the assistance of a professional. Look to see what type of step one’s foot has, including focus on the arches of the foot. Always make sure that this information is matched with the shoe to ensure that the shoe is right for not only the sporting activity but also one’s feet.

· Enquire About the Condition of the Shoe: Look to find out why the shoes are being sold, how old they are and what condition they are in.

How to Buy a Used Pair of Athletic Shoes on eBay

eBay is the perfect choice for purchasing used athletic shoes. It is a site that is used across the globe that offers literally thousands of used athletic shoes and products for sale on any given day. Not only that, but it is a safe and secure platform to both buy and sell.

Finding a Product on eBay

This can be done one of three ways, keyword search, advance search or categories search. Each will offer a cohesive search of the site and will pull up selected items requested.

Know the Product

Because a buyer is looking to purchase a used product, it is vital that one knows exactly what they are about to purchase. This can be done a number of ways:

· Read the information offered by the seller. This will be in the form of description and photograph.

· Ask the seller questions if there is any additional information required.

· Know the seller. Reading reviews from previous buyers can help with this.

Exchanges and Refunds

Because of the sensitive nature of buying shoes, there is a possibility that they may not be quite right. Most eBay sellers will offer a refund policy. It is important to check this before purchase so a shopper can buy the shoes with confidence.

Buying the Product

When a decision has been made, the next step is to make the purchase. Purchasing a product can be done by one of three ways: ‘Bid’, ‘Buy It Now’ or ‘Best Offer’. This purchase procedure will be pre-determined by the seller. Make sure to pay close attention to the purchase method, as each requires a different process.

Payment can be made on the site by credit or debit card or PayPal. Always make sure that the payment is done on eBay.

eBay also offer a buying protection programme.


With adequate research, it is possible  for a buyer to purchase the perfect pair of used athletic shoes for them. eBay’s extensive range of products and easy to use site will mean that the choice will be extensive. On top of this, eBay is a safe site that can be used from the comfort of one’s own home.

If a shopper has any outstanding questions go to Buying Tips page for more information on how to make the right purchase on eBay.

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