Your Guide to Buying Used Tyres

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Your Guide to Buying Used Tyres

Tyres are an expensive investment, even though they are an essential part of a vehicle. However, tyres, more than other parts of a car are subject to wear and tear. Tyres are also subject to hazards, such as sharp objects that may actually puncture them. For many people, the obvious solution to this problem is to buy used tyres when it is time to replace them.

While buying used tyres at great prices may be a risky proposition, some guidelines can be followed to take some of the stress away from the process of making a purchase. The guidelines make it easier to buy used tyres not only at a tyre shop but also online through websites such as eBay. With a clear understanding of what to be aware of when purchasing used tyres, it is easy to save money and acquire the right set of tyres for one's vehicle. 

Know What Kind of Tyre is Needed

Before looking for used tyres, it is important to be fully aware of the kind of tyres needed for one's car. This is particularly important when buying used tyres online, as a mistake in size or type may prove costly. A great way to determine what kind of tyres are needed is to examine the existing tyres on the vehicle. Tyres are typically marked with a code that spells out their size as well as capabilities. An example of a tyre code is P195/60/R16 63H.

Example Tyre Code







Explanation of Each Portion of Code

Type of tyre

Section width of tyre in millimetres

Tyre aspect ratio of height compared to width

Indicates radial construction

Diameter of the rim in inches

Load capacity and speed

Tyre size codes are the same around the world. The type of tyre code refers to the kind of vehicle it is used for. 'P' refers to passenger vehicle, while 'LT' refers to light truck, which is the type of tyre used in sport utility and heavier vehicles. The speed rating refers to the top speed that a tyre is rated for. For example, 'H' means that a tyre is rated for 209.2 km/h. For the most part, speed ratings are well above legal speed limits. While tyres contain this information, it is also possible to find this information in the owner's manual.

Considerations When Buying Used Tyres

Many people are hesitant to buy used tyres. The thinking is that, if the tyres are still worthy of being used in a vehicle, then should not be offered up for sale. In many cases, people attempt to sell their used tyres after purchasing new tyres for their vehicles, even though the older tyres are still in good working condition. For example, a car owner may have to buy two matching tyres even if only one of the existing tyres on the vehicle is punctured beyond repair. This leaves one of the older tyres available to be sold in the used market. Additionally, tyre shops may offer deals wherein one tyre is free when the buyer purchases three. Again, this results in an extra tyre not being used and available for resale. That being said, one should thoroughly investigate used tyres before purchased them. The buyer should carefully examine used tyres for the following issues.


Tyres wear out over time, and a great way to determine how much wear is left is to look at the treads. The tread depth helps one gauge if a tyre is still useable. As a general rule of thumb, tyres that have more than 1.6 mm of tread may still be driven safely. Obviously, the deeper the tread, the more use a tyre might have. One can measure tread wear with a tyre gauge. This is a small and simple device that individuals selling used tyres should have in their possession. When buying used tyres, it is important to ask the seller for a current and accurate measurement of the tread depth. It is also a good idea to ask for the mileage of the tyres and obtain visual records of the measurements being made.


While tyres that have been punctured and patched are safe to drive on, buying a used tyre that has been patched can be somewhat risky. When there are used tyres that have never been patched available for purchase, buying patched tyres simply to save a small amount of money is a bad idea. While looking for defects when buying used tyres online may be difficult, it helps to ask direct questions of the seller in order to learn as much as possible about used tyres before making a purchase.

Age of Tyre

Tyres deteriorate as they age. Even tyres that have never been used or have been sitting unused for long periods of time are prone to deterioration. Extreme weather affects them as well, as high and low temperatures may cause cracks and other problems in vulcanised rubber and other tyre materials. Experts suggest that tyres that are older than 6 or 7 years should not be used, regardless of the condition they are in. In order to find out how old a tyre is, it is possible to examine the date of manufacture, which is usually located on the side of the tyre.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a problem that comes with age and is also known as sidewall cracking. Basically, dry rot consists of small, often invisible, cracks along the sidewall and tread. While the cracks may not be seen easily, if the tyres have dulled from black to grey, it is a sign of dry rot. In some cases, the cracks are large enough that one can see fabric and metal through them. Obviously, if this is the case, these tyres should not be used at all. Dry rot is a problem because the cracks may cause a tyre to lose air pressure rapidly. It may even cause a tyre to separate from the rim, leading to accidents and injuries.

How to Buy Used Tyres on eBay

Once you have determined the tyres that are the right candidates for your car, you can begin the search on eBay. Sellers on eBay offer tyres for all kinds of vehicles, so finding a good fit should be fairly easy. Start with the search bar found on every eBay web page. A simple search term such as 'used tyres' should produce a list of everything on eBay that falls under that description. Amending the search term by adding details about size, type, or brand can narrow the search results significantly. You can also browse through thousands of deals on automotive parts and tyres.

Before making your purchase, it is important to read the product description in order to learn everything you can about the used tyres you are considering. You may also choose to contact the eBay seller in order to ask for information that is not available in the product description.


Used tyres can be a great way to save money, especially on an older car or one that is not used very frequently. While buying used tyres may be tricky, it becomes easier once the buyer understands what to look for and knows how to identify potential problems.

One has a simple way of determining the tyre measurements and age by looking at the information printed on the side of a tyre. Cars need specific sizes of tyres, so being exacting in a search is important. Along with the tyre's age, it is important to look for damage, such as punctures that have been repaired. Tread wear is also important to examine, and a standard tyre gauge can determine how much wear is left on a tyre. When purchasing used tyres on eBay, it is important for the consumer to get as much information as possible before committing to a purchase.

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