Your Guide to Buying Wheels for Your Dirt Bike

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Your Guide to Buying Wheels for Your Dirt Bike

Carefully choosing the right parts for a dirt bike is an important part of putting it together, maintaining it, and owning it. Thewheels are two of the key parts of the bike that seriously affect how well it handles, the smoothness of the ride, and how well the bike holds up during rough riding conditions. There are many ways to personalise the bike by choosing how the wheels look. They may come in different colours, with lights, or with other features that make the motorcycle look great. It is wiser, however, to consider carefully which wheels to choose based on the wheels type, the quality of parts included on them, and their sizes rather than just choosing based on looks.

The Best Type of Wheels for a Dirt Bike

Manufacturers make a number of different types of wheels for motorcycles. While it may be possible to purchase other wheel types, most dirt bike enthusiasts stick with the traditional laced wheel, which utilises many individual spokes to connect the wheel's rim to its hub. There are a number of different reasons for the popularity of this wheel type. For one thing, it is lightweight compared to most other options. The lightness of the wheel equates to a more efficient use of power from the dirt bikes engine.

In addition, laced wheels endure rough treatment better than other wheel types that may break or bend under too much pressure. The spokes allow for some movement around the hub, so many small bumps are a non-issue. If the wheel does receive damage, the dirt bike owner is able to replace them without having to buy a completely new wheel. The rim is replaceable if the owner is unable to remove dents and any damaged spokes can be re-laced.

The Parts of a Dirt Bike Wheel

The front and the back wheels on a dirt bike differ from one another in many aspects, with size being among the biggest differences. Both of them have the same general features, though, including the hub, rim, axle, and spokes. The following chart provides a brief description of some of the most important wheel parts. While both front and back wheels have many of these features, their design may differ significantly from one another.

Wheel Part


Important Factors


A strong bar that runs through the hub of the wheel to connect it to the dirt bike

The width of the axle must match the width of the opening on the bike's forks

Wheel Hub

The centremost part of the wheel that connects it to the dirt bike; encases the wheel bearings and parts of the brake assembly

The front wheel hub is typically very basic, while the rear one includes many key parts for providing power to the wheel and bringing it to a stop

Wheel Rim

The part of the wheel that the tire attaches to; the outermost part of a metal wheel

When buying tyres for the dirt bike, it is very important that they fit onto the rim; important to know the tyre size before choosing the wheels and vice versa


Long, thin bars with a pin head at one end and threading at the other; connect the rim to the hub.

The length, diameter and any angled bends in the spokes must be exact; for some wheels, there are only one size spoke; other wheels can have two or four different size spokes


These simply thread onto the ends of the spokes when they are laced on the wheel

The tightness of each nipple must be exactly true the wheel


Packed bearings decrease the effect of friction while the wheel turns

Less friction means less wear and greater speeds

The better the quality of construction and materials used for these wheel parts, the better performance the dirt bike owner can expect.

Dirt Bike Wheel Size

The size of the dirt bike wheel affects its acceleration, how it handles, and the comfort of the ride it provides. Generally, the front wheel is larger than the back one, often 19, 20, or 23 inches in diameter. This is because it is much more comfortable to handle a dirt bike that is running over rough terrain with a large wheel than with a smaller one. The wheel size diminishes the impact of the rocks and potholes on the dirt trail. This makes it much easier for the rider to hang on and make quick manoeuvres.

The rear wheel is smaller, typically 17, 18, or 19 inches in diameter in order to maximise the acceleration of the dirt bike. Other sizes exist, but it is more difficult to outfit a bike with odd sized wheels. Manufactures produce the widest selection of parts for the most popular sizes, so it is wise to stick with common sizes in order to make replacements easy.

How to Buy Dirt Bike Wheels on eBay

Dirt bike owners have a number of different places to shop from when purchasing wheels for their bike. Cycle shops and online marketplaces are some of the most popular places to shop for them. eBay sellers regularly list a large number of dirt bike wheels, and the prices generally represent an exceptional value. Bike owners may also find great bargains on wheels and other parts andaccessories by shopping eBay Deals.

When shopping on eBay for dirt bike wheels, be sure to consider carefully the type of wheels and the quality and sizes of the parts included on them. Remember that the front wheel is different from the back one and be sure to check the wheel size in order to get the right fit and best performance.

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