Your Guide to Buying Wheels for Your Harley Davidson

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Your Guide to Buying Wheels for Your Harley Davidson

The joy of owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle is hard to express. However, many Harley owners try to do just that by maintaining their bike and adding aftermarket extras that make their Harleys stand out from the crowd. Buying wheels for your Harley Davidson is one way to do just that.

Harley wheels come in many sizes, and that means that buyers need to pay attention to their options and match those options to their needs. This includes a careful review of the materials and styles used to manufacture Harley Davidson wheels, as well as the sizes and customisations most appropriate for a particular style or model of bike.

Choosing Harley Davidson Wheels

Harley Davidson motorcycles are road bikes designed for look as much as speed. Because of this fact, Harley Davidson designs its motorcycle wheels for optimum performance on paved surfaces. Therefore, the materials and design of its wheels reflect that purpose. When shopping for Harley Davidson wheels, buyers need to pay attention to the type of wheels they want as well as the finish, or look, that they offer.

Types of Harley Davidson Wheels

Harley Davidson offers its customers two types of motorcycle wheels : those made through a die-cast, so-called cast wheels, or those made up of a series of spokes, called spoked wheels. Aside from the obvious aesthetic differences offered by a cast wheel vs. a spoked wheel, there are also performance differences.

Cast wheels, for example, are rigid and strong. This leads to superior handling and allows these wheels to carry a higher load capacity. Spoked wheels, on the other hand, offer a lightweight alternative to cast wheels, which facilitates better control and mobility when on the road.

The other major difference between these two types of wheels concerns maintenance. While cast wheels require little upkeep because of their solid construction, spoked wheels are high-maintenance luxuries. The individual spokes on these wheels need to be regularly cleaned and maintained, and sometimes even replaced.


When choosing wheels for a Harley Davidson it is important that the consumer knows all the information about wheels that are available. By being fully informed about the wheels, the user can make an informed decision.

Type of Wheel

Features and benefits

Cast Wheels

Very rigid


Can carry a heavy load

Offers good handling

Low maintenance

Spoked Wheels

Require a lot of maintenance


Good control and mobility

The chart above summarizes the and benefits of the different types of Harley Davidson wheels.

Harley Davidson Wheel Materials

The materials used to construct Harley Davidson wheels are as important as the type of wheels consumers ultimately buy. Like the construction of the wheels, their material impacts their handling and maintenance. Most wheels used on motorcycles as well as all vehicles contain alloy rather than a single material, traditionally steel.

The most common alloys used in wheel construction are aluminium and magnesium, with the latter representing the higher quality of the two. The benefit of alloy is that it provides the same strength as pure steel with a lighter weight and better heat conduction. In addition, manufacturers often provide a finish to alloy wheels, usually referred to as chrome wheels, which provides additional aesthetic benefits without adding weight to the wheels and thereby improving manoeuvrability.

Measuring Harley Davidson Wheels

Once buyers know the material and style of Harley Davidson wheels that they want for their motorbikes, the next step is making sure that new wheels fit. As a popular motorcycle manufacturer in the business since 1903, Harley Davidson offers buyers a lot of different bikes and styles. This makes it virtually impossible to reasonably list all the wheels and sizes available on Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Instead, buyers should measure their wheels personally. This action is especially important if buyers purchase commission custom Harley Davidson wheels tailored to a particular bike's dimensions. Measuring Harley Davidson motorcycle wheels takes three steps.

Step 1: Find the Right Part to Measure

Often, new buyers make a big mistake when measuring their wheels and end up with a figure that is larger than needed. Therefore, before taking out the measuring tape, they need to look closely at the wheel itself. It may be helpful to remove the entire unit from the bike and lay it out on a flat surface.

The wheel, sometimes referred to as the rim, of a motorcycle is the metal part that sits between the tyres. It is easy to find tyre size since companies print it on the side of a motorcycle's tyre , but using tyre size alone to determine wheel size is dangerous, especially when dealing with custom options.

Step 2: Measure the Diameter

Once buyers know what to measure, the first figure can be determined. Consumers should measure the diameter of the wheel from the inside of the rim on one side to the inside of the rim on the opposite side. This is the place where the bead of the tyre touches the metal of the rim. Taking the measurement from the outside of this point results in an inaccurate figure.

However, if one cannot reach the tape measure in properly, taking an end-to-end measurement and subtracting the height of the motorcycle rim twice, once for each side of the wheel, is the best step to take. Also, it is important to remember to convert measurements to inches since Harley Davidson is an American company and sells its wheels according to standard American measurements.

Step 3: Measure the Width

The other measurement one needs is the width of the wheel. Buyers take this measurement by starting at one end of the tyre bed and stretching the tape across to the other. They are able to identify the beginning and end points of this measurement by locating where the tyre bed meets the outermost portion of the rim on each side.

How to Buy Wheels for Your Harley Davidson on eBay

Once buyers know the type of Harley Davidson wheels they want, the material they prefer, and have measurements in hand, eBay is a great place to turn. Take advantage site's great deals or enter information into the main search bar on any page of the site. When searching, be as specific as possible, noting points such as "chrome wheels" or " 16-inch Harley Davidson wheels ".

Customising a Harley Davidson motorcycle is accomplished in a number of ways, but one of the most popular is buying wheels for your Harley Davidson. Taking a short time to think about the style, material, and size of the wheels needed as well as where to find great deals on wheels, such as eBay, makes this popular pastime even more rewarding and fun.

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