Your Guide to Buying a Caravan Sunscreen

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Your Guide to Buying a Caravan Sunscreen

Caravan owners, by definition, love to travel and enjoy the elements of the great outdoors. However, this love does not mean that individuals want to experience the constant assault of the sun's rays when camping with a caravan. That is why purchasing a caravan sunscreen makes such a big difference.

By providing family and friends with a convenient, cool, and shady place to spend time outside of the caravan, owners take advantage of all that nature has to offer and make the most of each caravan trip. However, before ploughing ahead with a caravan sunscreen purchase, buyers need to evaluate their options as well learn how to properly fit the sunscreen to their vehicle.

Choosing the Right Type of Caravan Sunscreen

Most buyers looking for a source of shade for their caravan fail to realise that there is more than one option for fixing this problem. Used universally, the term caravan sunscreen basically refers to any sort of attachment part that one adds to a caravan to create shade. However, there are two distinct types of sunscreen options that buyers need to consider. One of these requires the purchase of the other before adding it, while the other stands alone.

Caravan Awnings

Though caravan awnings are generally referred to as such, many people, especially sellers, use the term interchangeably with caravan sunscreens. A caravan awning is the most popular means for creating shade outside of a caravan. Like an awning individuals put on a house, a caravan awning attaches to the roof of the structure and then expands to create a shaded area around it. However, the caravan awning only creates shade from above and therefore the area covered in shade changes as the sun moves through the sky throughout the day. A caravan awning is the first element that is needed to create a total sunscreen environment outside of a caravan.

When selecting a caravan awning, buyers must carefully consider the material from which it is made, considering whether they need the awning to be waterproof or heatproof. A caravan awning unfurls via manual crank or through an electronic switch, a choice which impacts the price. It rolls up and stores on the side of the vehicle or inside of it during transport.

Side Sunscreens

The other 'type' of sunscreen that individuals add to a caravan actually attaches to an already existing caravan awning. Called side sunscreens or caravan sun shades, these additions create more three-dimensional plots of shade outside a caravan by blocking the sun from the ground to the top of the awning. Certain side sunscreens also attach to all three open sides of the awning area to create extra living space outside of the caravan itself.

When buying a side sunscreen, consumers must consider the purpose that the screen is to serve. Caravan sun shades come in several materials. One popular option is mesh, which allows for greater air flow but may not block as much sun. They also come in more heavy-duty materials. These side screens, also called privacy screens, in addition to allowing airflow from underneath and on the sides, block up to 95 per cent of the sun's rays.

Custom vs. Universal Caravan Sunscreens

Once buyers are confident about the type of caravan sunscreen that they want, the next step is to measure their caravan to make sure the one they want to buy fits. In the world of caravan sunscreens, buyers have two options to do this. They choose a custom sunscreen which is made for their particular vehicle or its make and model, or they opt for a universal fit sunscreen which fits most caravan types.

Custom Caravan Sunscreens

If buyers are looking for a real aesthetic addition to their caravan, not to mention one that adds value to the vehicle itself, a custom caravan sunscreen is the way to go. These sunscreens are measured, fit, and installed especially for the vehicle or custom made for that particular make and model of caravan. When adding a privacy screen to an already existing caravan awning, look for a sunscreen customised to the awning rather than the caravan itself.

Universal Caravan Sunscreens

Caravan owners on a budget or those who are less concerned with making a 'perfect match' with their caravan sunscreen, should choose a universal fit caravan awning and sunshade. Sellers offer these products pre-made and they are usually easy to install. Both awnings and additional privacy screens come in this category, though some kits may include an overhead awning with optional, matching privacy/sun shades. Buyers still need to check with sellers or read packaging information to be sure that the kit adapts to their particular caravan.

Different universal kits fit different lengths and types of caravans. To help buyers with this, many manufacturers write out which makes and models of caravans fit with their sunscreens. Alternately, they may list the type of caravan, a pop-top caravan, for example, or the length of the side. Sellers offer the latter in both metric measurements as well as American measurements, with options ranging from 3 to 4 meters or 10 to 18 feet.


When choosing a caravan sunscreen it is important for consumers to be able to choose between a universal sunscreen and a custom sunscreen. They are then able to make an informed choice about which sunscreen best suits their needs.

Type of Caravan Sunscreen


Custom Sunscreen

Accurate fit

Designed specifically for caravan

Ties in with caravan decor

Made from high quality material

Installed by professional

Universal Sunscreen


Easy to install

Available in a range of styles

Includes all fittings required

By using the chart above it is easy to see the benefits of both custom and universal sunscreens for their caravans. This allows them to make an informed decision before purchase.

How to Buy a Caravan Sunscreen on eBay

Buying a caravan sunscreen on eBay is a great way for caravan owners to save time and money once they know what they want. eBay sellers offer both custom-made and universal sunscreens and the site features daily deals to help buyers save even more money. Any time you need help choosing a product, use the "Ask a Question" button on the seller's or product's listing.

The addition of a caravan sunscreen goes a long way in improving the caravan camping experience by offering weather protection and style. However, it is important to consider the type of caravan sunscreen you want and to become familiar with the options available. Once all this is decided, using eBay is a great way to save time and money.

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