Your Guide to Buying a Drill on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying a Drill on eBay

Every homeowner will know that a drill is an essential part of a DIY itinerary. Its functions are many, and items like electric drills can be used in a number of different scenarios. Knowing the ins and outs of a drill can be beneficial when undertaking any home improvement project, and there are a few key features and bits of information to look out for.

This guide will introduce the key elements surrounding drills, as well as how to purchase one on the online marketplace eBay. The site has many functions that help the shopper make their purchase, and there are many different drills and drill parts available.

Types of Drills

There are a number of different drills available, and the type of drill that is being purchased will largely depend upon the purpose it is going to be put to. Specific drills will perform specific tasks, and the drill bit, chuck type, speed, power rating and other features will all come in to play when making a purchase.

The table below shows the main types of drill, as well as a brief summary of their uses:



Hammer Drill

The Hammer Drill, also known as an impact drill, is generally used for drilling holes in tougher materials, such as stone and mason work. It gets its name from the hammer action that accompanies the drill action, powering through hardy materials.

Percussion Drill

Similar to a hammer drill, percussion drills also combine the two actions of hammering and drilling, and are useful when drilling metal and wood. The high torque makes them ideal for this purpose.

Drill Driver

Drill Driversalso combine functions, but instead of a hammer, the other function is that of a screwdriver. On the one hand it can drill holes, whilst at the same time it can tighten or loosen screws.

SDS Drill

Special Direct System drills are heavy-duty drills that are used in light demolition work, such as taking apart tiles and bricks, or creating cable runs.

Powered Screwdriver

Powered Screwdrivers are fairly self-explanatory, and provide a useful and quick means of screwing and unscrewing wall and other screws.

As the table shows, there are myriad functions that drills can have, and some are better suited to specific jobs than others. Once the drill itself has been picked out, the accompanying drill bits will also need to match the function of the drill or the job that it is going to be employed in.

Features of Drills

There are a number of defining and variable features of drills that need to be considered when making a purchase. They can alter the function of the drill and either limit or broaden the purposes of a specific unit:

Power Rating

The power rating of a drill will often affect the performance, torque, and power output of the unit. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the drill will be. This of course is only applicable to corded drills, as cordless drills are measured by voltage, but the theory is still the same. The higher the voltage or wattage, the more costly the unit, but the quicker and more efficiently the job will be done. Be wary of battery size and length when purchasing a cordless drill, as the more powerful voltage drill will have bigger batteries, which can become ungainly and unsuitable for intricate work.


The speed of the drill head is measured in RPM, and will also affect the performance of the drill. More affordable units will usually have just one speed, which may only be useful for one particular type of work. Drills at the higher end of a budget will usually offer a variable RPM, which can be adjusted for specific purposes.


The drill chuck is the conduit at which the drill and drill bit meet. There are 3 different types of chuck, and they are:

· Keyed

· Keyless


Most standard keyless chucks will fit 10-13mm drill bits and above, without needing a specialised key to tighten the bits into place. Key operated chucks will have a key that tightens the chuck onto more specialised drill bit sizes, and SDS chucks are even more specific, reducing slippage and maximising the power to torque ratio.

Gears and Torque

The gears and torque of a drill work in a similar way to that of a car. The torque and gears affect the way the chuck impacts on the drill bit, and in turn the surface being drilled. Having different settings for torque and having two (or sometimes three) gears gives a greater range of uses for a drill, as different materials can be drilled at in different gears or at different torques.

Drill Bit

There are a number of different types of drill bit available, and each has a specific function.  The below table briefly outlines some of the key types and purposes:

Drill Bit


Brad Point

With a slight tip on the top of the bit, these are used for general wood drilling.


Used for cutting large, deep, and accurate holes.

Wood Spade

With different grades on different heads, these are used for a multitude of wood-drilling purposes.

High Speed Steel

Used for drilling metal and characterised by their black steel colour


As the name suggests, these are used for all different types of masonry drilling.

Buying a Drill on eBay

Drilling equipment can be found under the home and garden section of eBay’s website, under the heading of power tools. Once this area of the site has been reached, there are a number of site features that allow the user to find the desired items:


A keyword search can be carried out using the search bar, but the website also has a filter for refinements to choose from on the left hand side of the site. Using these can help to narrow down the search for a desired item, as multiple refines can be selected.

Product Pages

Once a list of refined products has been made, clicking on one of the results will lead to the product page for that item. It is here that all the key information for the item will be displayed, as well as an image gallery and the details of the seller and delivery options.


It is possible to see the seller’s information and rating, as well as to contact the seller should there be any questions or issues. When it comes to ratings, customers can see the feedback that other sellers have left when dealing with the seller. This includes a rating as well as comments. 

Bidding and Buy Now

Once a desired product has been found, there will be listings that are either registered as auctions or buy it now. Auctions work just like regular auctions; bids can be placed within a time limit, with the highest bid winning. There is the function to place a highest bid, with new bids permitted should the original one be outbid. ‘Buy It Now’ sales offer the opportunity to buy the product outright. This is a good way of securing an item immediately.


When using eBay it is easy to find examples of all the main types of drills that are available. The different types of drills on the market are specific to different drilling purposes, so there are a number of considerations to be made before purchasing. Using eBay is an easy way of finding the idea results, and with the site’s buyer protection programme, which works in conjunction with payment company, PayPal, shopping can be easy, safe and secure.

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