Your Guide to Buying a GPS on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying a GPS on eBay

A GPS offers consumers an easy, reliable way to navigate busy, unfamiliar streets or rugged, remote terrain. A wide variety of designs and features means shoppers can find the right GPS unit to suit any lifestyle or situation. eBay offers an extensive inventory of GPS devices, to include new, used, and refurbished units, and their competitive prices mean consumers can find a GPS unit to fit any size budget. When it comes to locating and buying a GPS on eBay, the number of options can overwhelm shoppers. Learn how GPS devices function and the benefits they offer to make shopping for one easier. Focus on the intended use of the GPS device to find one with the features and functions to keep the user on track and headed in the right direction.

How GPS Units Work

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and refers to a group of interconnected satellites which orbit the Earth. When accessed by a GPS receiver, these satellites can pinpoint the exact location of that receiver at a precise time. GPS receivers are accurate to within a few feet, depending on the quality of the components used in them. The majority of GPS receivers used by consumers are navigational GPS units, used to get directions to a specific location or to map a route while travelling.

Benefits of Using a GPS

A GPS receiver can be used in any type of weather from any location in the world to identify and track the exact latitude, longitude, and even altitude of anyone using the unit. Hikers can head to unfamiliar territory without the fear of getting lost, and vacationers can easily find restaurants and lodging in a new town. Features such as Internet connectivity and live traffic updates help users get up-to-the-minute information while travelling, allowing them to follow the shortest or fastest routes to their destinations and to take detours when necessary. Shoppers should consider the benefits and applications of a GPS unit before buying one on eBay.

Professional Applications

GPS devices are useful in a number of professional applications. Emergency response teams and dispatchers use them to find the fastest routes to victims in need of assistance. Surveyors, mappers and geologists rely on them to pinpoint exact locations when out in the field. Military personnel use GPS devices to accurately identify and mark the locations of enemy combatants as well as friendly forces.

Recreational Use

Whether used for a short trip across town or on a cross-country adventure, GPS units are popular with private consumers, too. Portable GPS devices are typically small enough to be carried in one's hand, or they can be temporarily mounted in a vehicle. These types of GPS devices are great for getting directions while driving or for following an unfamiliar while walking through a city or hiking in a rural area. Larger GPS devices are often permanently mounted in a car, truck, or on a motorcycle. There are even special marine GPS units, great for navigating the waterways by boat. Although there are vast differences in size and capabilities, all GPS units provide reliable navigation and location data in a variety of settings.

GPS Features

To find the right GPS unit on eBay, consumers need to identify which features are most desirable for their specific needs. Features such as screen size, resolution, and daylight modes, make a difference when it comes to everyday use. Voice capability, accuracy, and durability are other factors to consider when purchasing a GPS unit on eBay.

Screen Features

Screen size and resolution have a significant impact on the quality of the display on a GPS unit, and should be considered carefully when selecting a unit. A GPS screen needs to be large enough to be easily viewed and operated by the user, but small enough to be mounted or transported, if desired. A screen with high resolution is easier to read in bright light and low light conditions. Screens with adjustments for brightness and contrast make it easy to customise the settings for a variety of lighting conditions.

eBay's GPS inventory includes units with a number of other screen features, to include devices with sunlight readability and night watch. Touch screen devices are a great choice for GPS navigation while driving. Although most GPS units feature colour screens, there are a few low-cost devices available with monochrome screens.

Voice Features

Navigation units with voice prompts provide audible turn-by-turn directions, making it easy for users to follow a route while operating a motor vehicle. Some units are capable of following voice commands as well, allowing users to operate them hands-free.


Standard GPS units are accurate to within 15 metres of a user's location. In certain archaeological, military, and land-surveying applications, better accuracy may be necessary. Differential GPS units are capable of tracking a location to within three metres or less.

Data Storage

GPS devices typically come with a few pre-loaded maps. Consumers who plan to add more maps should look for devices with removable storage, such as an SD card slot. Removable storage also allows users to upload and access photos and other documents from their devices.

Types of GPS Units

There are several different types of GPS units listed on eBay. Consumers can search for automotive GPS units, as well as marine and handheld units. Choose the type of GPS unit based on the most likely application scenario.

Automotive GPS

An automotive GPS unit is available in a portable version designed to be quickly and easily removed from a dashboard or windscreen mount, or as permanently installed in-dash model. Large touch screens and voice capabilities make these devices ideal for safe, in-car use. Models with live traffic reports, turn-by-turn directions, and automatic updates are among the best, but are also the most expensive.

Marine GPS

A marine GPS unit is made for use on the open water, and is therefore durable and water resistant. Some marine units are designed to float in the event they find their way overboard. Common features on marine GPS units include chart plotting functions, fishfinders, and both onshore and offshore maps.

Outdoor GPS

Perfect for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities, a handheld outdoor GPS unit is small, lightweight, and versatile. Most are small enough to fit easily in a pocket or backpack, but still offer the features of larger units. The smallest devices look like wristwatches, and although they have limited features, joggers and bikers appreciate their lightweight, portable designs.

Phones with GPS Applications

Consumers who use smartphones may not realise they already own a GPS device. The vast majority of smartphones come with preloaded navigation applications. While these systems are more limited and less accurate that standalone GPS devices, many of these apps are adequate for the average consumer.

Buying a GPS on eBay

eBay offers shoppers a convenient way to locate and purchase a GPS unit to suit any budget and purpose. A vast inventory of GPS receivers and accessories keeps prices competitive and gives consumers more options when choosing a brand and model.

Shoppers have several choices when it comes to searching through eBay listings for a GPS unit. The fastest way to find a GPS is through a keyword search. Shoppers can simply type "GPS" into the search box on any eBay page or review the Deals page. To quickly find a specific model, type the model name and number into the search box. More tips for finding items can be found by visiting eBay's Help pages. Filter selections found on each results page help shoppers quickly narrow search results. Use the provided filters to narrow results by brand, condition, or number of channels. Shoppers can even limit results to specific buying formats or shipping methods.


GPS technology gives consumers a simple, accurate way to navigate through crowded cities or down desolate trails. Whether portable or permanently installed in a vehicle, GPS units offer travellers the security of always knowing which road to follow, and their lightweight designs mean they can be carried anywhere. Consumers in the market for a GPS device can take advantage of the extensive selection on eBay. Shoppers can search through listings to find a GPS unit that has the features they want at a price within their budget. They can pay for their purchase and have it shipped without ever leaving home. eBay gives consumers a secure, convenient alternative to traditional shopping, whether looking for a new GPS receiver or accessories for one they already own.

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