Your Guide to Buying a Men's Denim Jacket

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Your Guide to Buying a Men

In the 2000s, denim jackets were considered passé, but as the world of fashion continues in constant rotation, the denim jacket has returned to prominence. In fact, they are currently as popular as ever, having developed into a remarkable urban and high street trend. It may not provide a sophisticated look, but the right denim jacket will definitely add a new direction to a man’s social attire.

The task at hand for men is to find the right denim jacket. When it comes to the best of men’s fashion, eBay is a leading resource. Men can expect to find any and every design, as eBay continue to offer the best men's fashion deals.

Types of Denim Jacket

Picking the right style of jacket is never easy, but in the world of denim that isn’t because of a lack of choices. In fact, it is the opposite, there are various styles to pick from and it can be difficult figuring out what is right for the buyer. The following are what shoppers are likely to find in eBay’s dedicated men’s denim section.


· Classic in design and uniform in appearance.

· Has silver or copper buttons.

· Includes a multitude of pockets.

· Hip-length.

· Comes in a variety of colours.

· Expect to find basic denim jackets in various sub-styles.

· These include: classic, military, motorcycle, single breasted and double breasted.

· Basic denim jackets are the most affordable form of denim jacket available.

· Considered a tester item in order to see if denim is a suitable style choice.


· Considered to be the formal option of denim jacket.

· Features lapels, unlike the basic version that doesn’t.

· Has a longer silhouette that makes it very versatile.

· Can be used with a variety of outfits, including semi-formal attire.

· Usually comes in a darker wash, and difficult to find in lighter colours.

· Not the sturdiest form of denim jacket available.

· A true classic in terms of appearance and the most popular form of men's blazer.


· A jacket that is intended for use during the winter months.

· It is the longest form of denim jacket available.

· Can be considered more than just an additional layer of clothing.

· Marketed as more of a coat than a jacket.

· They drop as low as knee length and come with a fitted silhouette.

· Often includes a fitted belt, this can be replaced by a third-party one should it be required.

· Due to the excessive amount of material used to create a denim trench jacket, it can command a high price when retailed.


· In terms of style, cropped jackets are a great way to add an additional layer to an outfit.

· They come in a fitted form.

· Falls between the hip and rib cage, making it unique in appearance.

· An option for men who are experimental with their style.

· Comes with the narrowest silhouette of all denim jackets that are currently available.

· Long and short sleeve versions are available.

· Perfect for drawing attention to a slimmer body type.

How to Wear a Denim Jacket Correctly

Owning a denim jacket is great, but styling it properly is where the skill truly lies. Many basic clothing items blend well with denim, including accessories such as backpacks and sunglasses. However, it all comes down to what is worn with a denim jacket in order to bring out its qualities. The following are a few tips to consider when wearing a denim jacket:

· Try wearing a denim jacket with skinny jeans or slim fit pants.

· A red denim jacket looks great when worn with standard blue jeans.

· Lighter coloured denim jackets look good with just a plain black T-shirt.

· A retro denim jacket blends well with corduroy pants and distressed jeans.

· The rocker look is always popular, so if a buyer has an older jacket, they should try cutting off the sleeves and wearing it as a denim vest.

Buying Used or Vintage

Denim is one of the hardest wearing fabrics available, and even when it does wear, it just gives the piece of clothing a unique distressed look. Vintage denim jackets can go for a lot of money, but modern used jackets are a great way to make savings. If the regular retail price of a new jacket seems too steep, consider buying one that is pre-owned.

Even though the world of pre-owned denim jackets looks foolproof and the realm of options is evident, it still requires shoppers to be careful. Shoppers should talk the seller prior to purchasing, and ask the following questions:

· How old is the jacket?

· Was the jacket bought from new?

· Has the jacket suffered any damage?

· Has the jacket been subjected to any repairs?

· What are the exact measurements of the jacket?

· Does the jacket come with the original sale receipt?

· Is there a returns policy?

How to a Denim Jacket on eBay

There are many pieces of attire in a man’s wardrobe that are labeled as priceless, but nothing is more versatile than a denim jacket. They are the perfect addition to any casual outfit, and are an updated piece of clothing that can help change a man’s look entirely. There is no shortage of denim jacket styles on the market, with the key being finding the right one to suit the shopper’s style. This guide has looked at all types of men’s denim jacket, and eBay has all of them available at competitive prices.

· There is no shortage of denim jackets available, so in order to start browsing what’s on offer click clothing, shoes, accessories, when on eBay’s homepage.

· From this point, select men's clothing, and finally coats, jackets. This will display all live auctions and allow shoppers to browse freely.

· If shoppers are on the lookout for a specific brand or style of denim jacket they should use the keyword search bar, found at the top of the page.

· It is also worth noting that the advanced search options can also be useful in locating the perfect denim jacket.

Completing a Transaction

It isn’t easy finding a denim jacket that adds to a man’s personal style, so when one crops up it would be a crime to let it slide by.

Don’t let the perfect denim jacket slip away, act fast and do one of the following on an item listing:

o   Place a Bid

o   Make a Best Offer

o   Buy it Now

When the auction comes to an end, whoever the highest bidder is will be required to make payment. It is advised that eBay shoppers pay for items with PayPal. This is due to their reputation as the number one electronic funds management service.

PayPal does all it can to protect its users should a problem arise with an order. All the information for this service is listed under the buyer protection programme.


For men, there is only one item suitable for completing any wardrobe setup. The denim jacket has become a must own item, because of its ability to turn a dull outfit into one that stands out and truly makes a statement. Using this guide, men will be able to find any and every type of denim jacket available.

It is time for men everywhere to get serious about style, and to do this they’ll need to acquire a denim jacket. eBay is a market leader in men’s fashion retail and has every denim jacket need covered.

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