Your Guide to Buying a Mother of the Bride Dress

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Your Guide to Buying a Mother of the Bride Dress

When your daughter is getting married, it can be the proudest and most nerve-wracking of times. Besides helping her with the wedding plans, the mother of the bride also has to pick out her dress for the event. There is a delicate balance to selecting an attractive mother of the bride dress. The mother of the bride should be aware of the bridal colours, know whether to go with a more formal or casual dress style, and be aware of popular formal wear materials. Once you have all of this figured out, you can begin shopping for a mother of the bride dress in specialty bridal shops, retail shops, on bridal websites, and retail websites, like eBay.

Styles of Mother of the Bride Dresses

The mother of the bride dress can be very unique or similar to the rest of the wedding party. Luckily, mothers have a lot of options when shopping for this important dress. Two important items to consider when choosing the right mother of the bride dress are the colour and dress silhouette.


The colour of the mother of the bride dress is very important. The mother of the bride dress should not clash with the bride's dress, or any other members of the bridal party. One of the most popular colours for a mother of the bride dress is blue. This colour is attractive, is not similar to the bride's dress, and usually matches the wedding colours in some way. Naturally, if the bride chooses a warmer colour for the wedding, such as pink or orange, this colour is out. Other popular colours for a mother of the bride dress include lavender, silver, and burgundy.


Dresses have a wide range of silhouettes to appeal to every personal preference and occasion. Longer length dresses, such as a column, mermaid, or fit-n-flare styles are suitable for a formal or an evening wedding. Fun dresses, such as an A-line, can be any length. However, they are usually shorter to show off the flare of the A-line skirt. These are appropriate for an outdoor wedding or a less formal event. The silhouette can enhance certain features. Fit-n-flare dresses hug the hips and waist before flaring out at the hem. Column dresses create a statuesque look that works well on women with narrow hips and long legs. An A-line skirt can show off the legs, too.

Formal Dress Materials

Formal wear often uses specialty fabrics. These include dresses worn at big events, like weddings. The mother of the bride dress is likely to use the same, or similar, fabric as clothing worn by the rest of the bridal party. Using similar fabric and textures can be a great way to help pull together the overall look of a bridal party. The bride's dress is a different colour and texture to help the bride stand apart.

Popular formal wear fabrics include chiffon, brocade, satin, and other silks. Brocade is a Jacquard or woven fabric featuring a number of loom woven patterns and designs. This material commonly comes in paisleys and floral patterns. Chiffon is a lightweight, sheer fabric usually made from cotton, silk, or synthetic thread. Satin is actually a type of weave that creates fabric with a shiny surface and matte back, which also comes from silk or synthetic fibres. Silk is a natural fibre harvested from silkworm cocoons and woven into various silk fabrics. The mother of the bride dress does not usually feature additional accents, but some materials used in formal wear include beading, lace, or sequins.

Shopping Suggestions

It can be difficult to figure out who is responsible for which aspect of a wedding. Traditionally, the mother of the bride purchases her own dress. Mother may want to check in with the bride to see which colour the wedding dress is and what the colours of the wedding are. This helps immensely in choosing a dress that does not distract from the bride. After purchasing her dress, it is also traditional for the mother of the bride to inform the mother of the groom about her purchase to avoid another potential fashion faux pas.

The mother of the bride dress does not have to match the wedding party. However, it is becoming more popular for the mother of the bride to wear a dress of the same material and colour as the bridesmaids in a slightly different style. Going slightly off colour is also acceptable or wearing a colour that is lighter or darker in shade than the bridesmaid dresses.

Do try to choose the dress as far ahead of the wedding date as possible. This gives plenty of time to make the selection without feeling rushed. Choose a dress that is the correct size. Do not be tempted to pick out a dress in a smaller size with the plan of losing weight for the wedding. A dress that is too large can always be taken in as the wedding gets closer. Plus, the dress can be attractive. The mother of the bride may not want to outshine her daughter, but she does not have to look matronly.

How to Buy a Mother of the Bride Dress on eBay

Buying a mother of the bride dress is a fun, but emotional, experience for a mother. There are lots of fabrics, styles, and colours available to help the mother of the bride find the perfect dress for her daughter's wedding. Look at satins and brocades for the fabrics. Select from lavender, blue, silver, and burgundy for the popular colours. The bride may have a few suggestions of her own in this process, so keep them in mind. Attractive mother of the bride dresses are available on eBay. Just use the eBay search engine to find the perfect colour and style of dress, or check out eBay Deals for extra savings.

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