Your Guide to Buying a Nokia 8800

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Your Guide to Buying a Nokia 8800

The Nokia 8800 is one of Nokia's most popularly purchased phones. In April 2005, around the time of its release, it was considered to be one of the more luxury phones on the market. This was due, not only to the way it looked, but also because of its capabilities.

Nokia 8800's and its various other editions can be found for affordable prices on the likes of eBay.

Nokia 8800 Specifications

There are a number of ways of telling how well a phone can perform without actually using it. A read through of the devices specifications is often the best way of doing this as it gives you an insight into battery life, usability, and the phone's capabilities.

Here is a table determining the specifications necessary to understanding how the Nokia 8800 works:


Nokia 8800


The Nokia 8800 comes in the form of a slider phone. This means that the keyboard is hidden until a slider is pulled down. This adds to the portability of the device.


The phone is 107 millimetres in height, 45 mm wide, and 16.5 mm in depth.

The device weighs in at 134 grams.

Operating System

The Nokia 8800 uses the Nokia Series 40 operating system. There are no upgrades available due to the nature of the phone and its connectivity limitations.


The screen on the 8800 is 1.7 inches measured diagonally (or 31mmx31mm). This allows for a 208 x 208 pixel resolution.

It uses scratch-resistant glass to limit damage to the screen.


The 8800 has 64 MB of internal memory.

This amount of memory allows for 1000 entries in the device's phonebook, as well as the storage of 60 call records (20 missed calls, 20 received, 20 dialled).


The handset is 2G enabled and it has Bluetooth v1.2 capabilities.


The battery in the phone is a Li-Ion 600 mAh capacity battery.

This gives up to 190 hours of stand by time and up to 3 hours of talk time.


There is a rear-facing SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array) camera, which takes picture of an 800 x 600 pixel resolution.

It allows for QCIF video recording, too.


The speakers on the 8800 allow for MP3, AAC and polyphonic ringtones to be used. There is also the option to compose one's own ringtones.

There is a loudspeaker setting that can be utilised during phone calls, also.

Nokia 8800 Features

The Nokia 8800 has a number of features that meant that it was considered one of best phones around on its release and the device was one of the first to be thought of as more than just a phone.

Here are some the features that appear on the Nokia 8800:

- Built-In FM Radio

- A QWERTY keyboard that slides down when needed.

- Digital music playback system that is able to play MP3 and AAC audio.

- Wireless connectivity to other Bluetooth activated devices.

- 3 free games available to play using Java. These games utilise the phone's integrated 3D image engine.

- An instant messaging system for those with the same mobile device.

Nokia 8800 Accessories

There are also a number of accessories made available by Nokia for the 8800:

  • Cases: Not many slider phones have cases that can both protect the phone whilst enabling the user to still make use of the device but the 8800 does.
  • Car Charger: Nokia also made car chargers especially for the 8800 and these can be found on the likes of eBay at affordable prices.
  • Cleaning Cloths: Whilst these are universal, the Nokia 8800 needs regular cleaning with cleaning cloths. This is especially true of the slider components of the phone so as to prevent dust from affecting its manoeuvrability.

How to Buy a Nokia 8800 on eBay

A site such as eBay is a great place to purchase a phone that has been discontinued, such as the Nokia 8800. Not only does the site allow for potential buyers to place a Bid or make aBest Offer on the handset, there is also the option to purchase it immediately via the Buy It Now option. This means that prices may be found to be more affordable than when purchasing elsewhere, especially if buying used.

One may wish to browse eBay Deals before visiting the regular listings site. eBay Deals allows buyers to view a variety of handpicked bargains, chosen especially by eBay, from around the site.

If nothing can be found there, head to the Electronics section of the site and find the way to the Mobile Phones listings. From this point, one can use the filter tabs (on the left hand side of the page) and keyword search bar to look for a Nokia 8800.

If a suitable deal is found, make sure to do the following:

- Check the seller's previous transaction history.

- Study the images and product description provided by the seller.

- Read up on eBay and PayPal's terms and conditions.


When buying a Nokia 8800, make sure to look out special editions of the phone. These include theSirocco Edition and Arte Edition. These limited edition versions of the phone are usually found to be a lot less affordable and more of a luxury than a necessity.

However, if a standard Nokia 8800 can be found on eBay, one will be purchasing a reasonably priced, strongly built, simple but accessible mobile phone.

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